Oohhh new forum design coming


And the latest hot topic as suggested by Amazon’s fantastic new forum. Pending orders dated Sep 14. ooooooo Cant wait to catch up with that one.


I have messaged you Purple Fairy Prince, lol.
Our messages have all vanished since new forum design :frowning:


What sort of childish idiot think it’s helpful to flash up a message thanking me for sharing the love on a business forum when I just want to say Thank you.

I’m sure it’s me finding fault for the sake of it but it’s irritating


Cannot get it to work at all with Internet explorer 11
Firefox does work but I wish I haddn’t bothered as I really hate the new look, really slow to load postst, shame as it did work fine and was a great functional place to get help and info, won’t be using it anywhere near as much.


Wow, this is awful.

Used to enjoy reading and contributing on here, but gonna sack it off.
Truly disastrous, and not at all an improvement.


Seems to be several amazon sellers on another forum saying they can’t get on to this new forum, they just get the spinning wheel thingy.

Also users saying it keep asking for 2SV. I’ve been asked for 2SV, it seems to depend which links I use to access this forum.


Doesn’t work in IE 11 I just get the spinning wheel. Fire fox works but keeps asking for the 2SV, maybe a setting to change this, but to be honest I cannot be bothered to find it as the forum design is awful IMHO


Have you clicked the button to exempt your device?
Changing browsers means you have to re select that choice.


I am frustrated. Must have inadvertently flagged a topic as being watched. Now bored with the discussion and cannot find our how to “un watch” a thread. All advice appreciated as I dont want the many replies clogging up my mailbox. I have already muted the whole category to no avail.

Thanks all


There should be a blue circle on the right under the post count, scroll bar thing, Click that and set it to “Normal”


Thanks that seems to work for an individual thread but it seems crazy there is no "mute all button. There are hundreds of threads now to mute individually … muting the category seems to do nothing to stop notifications if you have replied to a thread.Already fed up with the new payout - its hard to search for answers and the amount of dead white space on the page is not helping.


Go to your profile pic top right, click it then click the gear icon, then click "Notifications, and you will see mute options for both users, and for topics if you select categories…
You can even mute Melchior me that way if you like.:grin:

If you want to stop notifications on a thread that you replied to then go to your Preferences page as above, select “notifications” and from the drop down menus you can
1:choose how often to automatically track topics you enter, from “never” up to every 10 minutes
2:When I post in a topic, _ set that topic to_ “Watching”, “Tracking”, or “normal”
3:Select whether you get notified when someone “likes” a post of yours.


Their employees need it.


I’ve just noted that posts are now flagged with “This topic will close six months after the last reply”

Does that mean deletion or just closed for new posts. I assume the latter but who knows what happens in Bezos towers


Well perhaps you have nothing better to do than sleight my English or rather the lack of use of it, why should I make an effort to use high quality English when I am speaking to morons like you.


Well that’s you sorted them,


Awe thanks Adrian you’ve given me a way to shut that Melchior up, yippeeeeeeeeee!

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