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Bulk Fix Stranded Inventory Report

This report acts as an inventory loader file that is prepopulated with your stranded inventory. You can use this file with the Add Products via Upload page to fix your stranded inventory listings in bulk. Stranded inventory refers to your FBA inventory in our fulfillment centers without an active offer on the Amazon website.

Individual sellers: This feature is available to sellers with Professional selling plans.

The report only includes listings that have fulfillable inventory and a recommended action of Change to FBA, Relist, or Create Listing. The report doesn't include listings where the recommended action is Create Removal Order. For this reason, your Bulk Fix Stranded Inventory report may not match your Stranded Inventory report.

For general guidelines on using inventory loader files, refer to the Inventory Loader Instructions help page.

Generate a Bulk Fix Stranded Inventory report and update information


To avoid getting a report showing “No data available,” in Seller Central ensure you have chosen the marketplace where your product is listed

To get started, request a download to generate a Bulk Fix Stranded Inventory report. Once generated, open the text file using a spreadsheet program and update your listings as follows:

  1. Make sure all listings are complete.

    You may find a number of listings with missing price or condition information. To enable these listings, you must fill in the "item-condition" and "price" fields.

    Field Name Definition Accepted Values
    item-condition Numeric entry that indicates the condition of the product. This field is required.
    Note: Not all conditions are available for all categories. For more information about what conditions you may use in your product category, see Condition Guidelines.
    Condition types:
    • 1 = Used; Like New
    • 2 = Used; Very Good
    • 3 = Used; Good
    • 4 = Used; Acceptable
    • 5 = Collectible; Like New
    • 6 = Collectible; Very Good
    • 7 = Collectible; Good
    • 8 = Collectible; Acceptable
    • 9 = Not used
    • 10 = Refurbished
    • 11 = New
    price Price per item in the currency of the marketplace where you are listing the product. Do not include the currency symbol. This field is required. You must provide a price to make the product available for purchase on Amazon. Numeric value, greater than zero (0.00)
  2. Remove products that you don’t want to sell through Fulfillment by Amazon.

    If you have a listing, but it is a product that you fulfill yourself, none of your FBA inventory for that product will be available for sale. If you want to fill orders for this product both yourself and through FBA, you will need two separate listings, one for each method.

    The report auto populates the "fulfillment-center-id" with a value, which ensures that all listings will be FBA once the report is processed. If you do not want to convert a listing to FBA, please delete this value.

Save your inventory file

After you finish making adjustments to your listings data, follow the steps below to create an inventory file that you can upload to Amazon.

  1. Save your work. We suggest creating a backup copy and adding a date to the file name for your reference.
  2. Make sure the worksheet tab that contains your data is active.
  3. Select Save As in your spreadsheet program and choose Text (Tab-delimited) or Tab-separated values (depends on the spreadsheet program you use, names may vary).
Note: You might see a warning that the selected file format does not support multiple worksheets or that it contains features incompatible with the selected file format. In either case, select Yes to continue saving.

Upload your inventory file

Once you have saved your inventory file, upload it by going to the Add Products via Upload page.

Follow these steps to upload the file:

  1. Under Inventory, click Add Products via Upload.
  2. Click the Upload your Inventory File tab.
  3. In the Upload file section, use the File type drop-down and select Inventory Loader File.
  4. In the File Upload section, click Browse and select the text file you created earlier.
  5. After you select your file, click Upload.
  6. A status box will confirm that your file has been received.

Monitor the upload results

Our system creates and posts the processing status and report in the Monitor Upload Status tab within the Add Products via Upload page.

If any listings were not activated due to errors, click the Download your Processing Report link to download the associated processing report. Use this report to diagnose and correct errors in the file you uploaded. When you are ready to upload the edited file, return to the Upload Inventory File page and re-upload your file.

Learn more about reviewing a Processing Report.

Note: There are circumstances where certain listings will not process, including:

  1. There are listing limitations on the product, condition, and/or category. You may not be eligible to list the product. For additional details, review our FBA Restricted Products page.
  2. The product may be Hazmat. You can download the Inventory Health report for Hazmat status of any inventory already in an Amazon fulfillment center, or use the mobile Amazon Seller app (available for iOS and Android) to identify Hazmat and other restrictions on individual ASINs.
  3. In other instances where the product is still stranded after uploading is processed, please contact Seller Support.
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