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Manage Gift Options

If you have a Professional selling plan you can use Gift Options to offer gift-wrapping, gift messaging, or both to buyers. These services can help increase your sales conversion rates by offering an enhanced buying experience.

Gift Options allows buyers to indicate an order is a gift. By default, when buyers indicate that an order is a gift, the product prices will not appear on the packing slip. However, customers can elect to include prices. The buyer's choices will be reflected on the packing slip available in the Manage Orders page. If you create your own packing slips, you will need to manage the messaging and product price display.

By default, neither gift messaging nor gift-wrap options are enabled. To allow your customers to access your gift-wrap and gift messaging options, you must enable Gift Options in your seller account and add fields to your inventory file to indicate whether gift-wrap, gift messaging, or both are available for each product in your inventory.

  • Gift Options are not available for Books, Music, Video, and DVD products.
  • Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) offers gift-wrap services for eligible items, at no extra cost to sellers.
  • Gift-wrapping is charged on a per item basis. You cannot charge a flat fee for gift-wrapping a buyer's entire order.

Configure gift options

By default, neither gift messaging nor gift-wrap services are enabled. To enable Gift Options, you perform two tasks:

  • Set up and configure Gift Options in your seller account.
    1. Go to Settings, then click Gift Options.
    2. Click Edit next to Gift Messaging or Gift-Wrap, then enable the service for individual order items.
    3. Click Continue to save the setting.
  • Modify and upload your inventory files to enable Gift Options.

If you upload your inventory using flat files or XML, you can use the is-gift-message-available field or is-gift-wrap-available field or both to control which products are eligible for these options.

If you download Order reports and Adjustment reports, you need to adapt your integration method to process the Gift Options information that appears in those reports. See Integration requirements for more information.

Changes to Gift Options appear within 4 hours.

Disable gift options

To stop offering a particular type of gift wrap, follow one of these two methods:

  • If you never plan to offer this gift wrap option in the future:
    1. Go to Gift Options and click Edit in the section that displays your gift-wrap images.
    2. Check Remove next to the gift wrap option you no longer want to offer.
    3. Click Submit to save your changes.
  • If you want to temporarily stop offering a gift option:
    1. Go to Gift Options and click Edit in the section that displays your gift-wrap images.
    2. Click Disabled next to the gift wrap option you want to temporarily disable.
    3. Click Submit to save your changes. The gift wrap option will remain in your account, but its status will change from Enabled to Disabled.
    To resume offering a disabled gift-wrap option, click Enabled next to the gift wrap, and click Submit to save your changes.

Customize help pages

To communicate information to buyers about your Gift Options, you may create custom Help pages. For more information, see the "Creating custom product-specific Help pages" section in My Info & Policies.

To update your buyer-facing Help pages, follow these steps:

  1. On the Settings link, select Your Info & Policies.
  2. Select Gift Services to create help content about your gift-wrap and messaging options.
  3. Enter your help content in the Gift Messaging field, Gift-Wrap field, or both.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Select Custom Help Pages to create more generalized help content about your gift options.
  6. Add a title and help content.
  7. Click Save.

Integration requirements

You may be using an inventory file to create new items and adjust inventory levels for existing listings. This file contains the core information about each product (such as the title, SKU, description, etc.).

Once you enable and configure your Gift Options, you'll need to modify and upload your inventory files to identify products that are eligible for gift-wrap, gift messaging, or both.

To enable Gift Options, add two fields —both are Boolean fields— to the product feeds:

Is_Gift_Wrap_Available or IsGiftWrapAvailable

  • true: Item can be gift-wrapped.
  • false: Item cannot be gift-wrapped.

Is_Gift_Message_Available or IsGiftMessageAvailable

  • true: Item can have a gift message.
  • false: Item cannot have a gift message.

  • "true" and "false" are case-sensitive. Make sure to use all lower-case letters.
  • Field naming conventions vary across templates. Depending on your template, you either use a single phrase with no spaces (IsGiftWrapAvailable) or you use hyphens (Is-Gift-Wrap-Available). Use the convention shown in your template.
  • For variation product relationships, setting Gift Options for a parent product does not mean that all children associated with that parent are gift-enabled. To enable Gift Options for one child product, you must set a value for each child product.


If you enable Gift Options and use a parsing program to process your Order reports, you may need to change your back-end system to accept all new orders.


Order reports for Gift Options-enabled sellers contain the following fields:

  • gift-wrap-type: The gift-wrap identifier you specified during Gift Options configuration. The limit is 40 characters long.
  • gift-message-text: The text that the buyer entered as the gift message for an item. The limit is what you set during configuration. The message text appears in the Order report as a single line of text.
  • gift-wrap-price: The charge applied for gift-wrapping.
  • gift-wrap-tax: The tax on the gift wrap price. You can choose to apply the same tax rates on both your gift wrap products.

If you charge tax, you can choose to apply the same tax rates on gift wrap as on your products.

Adjustments (Refunds)

You use the Adjustments file to inform Amazon of changes to a transaction. You specify the refund amount, and itemize the refunded amount by purchase price, shipping and tax.

You must add these fields to your Adjustments files to process adjustments for gift services:

  • gift-wrap-price-adj: The gift-wrap price you charged and now want to refund.
  • gift-wrap-tax-adj: The gift wrap tax you charged and now want to refund.

Append these two fields as the right-most two columns in your Adjustments file in the order listed above.

Settlement reports

The Settlement Report list payment events related to each product in a customer order, including all subsequent adjustment events. After you enable gift services, the Settlement Report will contain an additional field.

Typically you receive a credit to your account within 3-4 business days after the report is generated. The settlement report is generated every Friday night. You can also generate the report manually any time after 5 p.m., Saturday.

gift-wrap-price-credit:The amount paid to the seller for the gift wrap price paid by the buyer.

gift-wrap-tax-credit: The amount paid to the seller for the gift wrap tax paid by the buyer.

These fields appear in the Settlement Report file before order-related-fees and other-fees, the two rightmost columns.

Gift messaging

The Gift Messaging option is free to both you and the buyer. When you enable Gift Messaging for a product, you offer buyers the ability to create one gift message for each item in the order. Messages appear on the packing slip produced using Manage Orders.

For the gift message, you can use the system defaults, or you can configure your gift messaging as follows:

Maximum gift message length

The maximum number of characters in a gift message. You can set the limit from 1 to 255 characters. The default is 255.

Maximum lines in gift message

The number of lines in a gift message. You can set the limit from 1 to 10 lines. The default is 10.

Help text

You can write a message that the buyer sees on your Gift Services help page. When selecting gift services, customers can click Learn More to read this message about your gift messaging service. You can use up to 1,000 characters in this message.

To improve the buying experience, we recommend offering the maximum number of characters your business can support. Buyers appreciate flexibility in creating personalized messages.


You may offer up to four different Gift-Wrap options. You are not able to specify which gift-wrap options are eligible for which products. All gift-wrap options are available for every product you specify as eligible for gift wrap.

For each gift-wrap option, you can provide the following information:

Gift-wrap name:

The name the buyer sees for a specific gift-wrap option. Each gift-wrap option must have a description. The limit is 50 characters.

Gift-wrap identifier:

The name you see for a specific gift-wrap option in the order reports. It may or may not match the name the buyer sees. The limit is 40 characters.

Gift-wrap charge:

The price you charge the buyer to gift-wrap an item. If the order is tax-enabled, tax will be charged against this amount. If you want to offer free gift wrapping, set the price to 0.

Note: You may charge only a single price per gift-wrap option. You cannot charge different prices for different size or type of packages.

Gift-wrap image:

The image buyers see when making their gift wrap selection. If you do not provide an image, a placeholder image appears. Images must be a minimum of 71 x 71 pixels, in either a .gif or .jpg format.

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