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Dangerous goods review process (hazmat)

The dangerous Goods team reviews each ASIN converted to Fulfilled by Amazon if the product is identified as a possible dangerous good. These reviews help ensure that shipments meet regulatory requirements and safety standards for customers and Amazon employees.

Catalog information is the main way that we identify a possible dangerous good. That’s why complete and accurate information must be provided when you create a listing or convert it to FBA. This includes a detailed product description, bullet points, and pictures, images, or both.

If the catalog information changes, another review may be required. The product may then be reclassified, or you may be required to submit either a safety data sheet (SDS) or an exemption sheet.

Review time and potential requirements (SDS or exemption sheet)

Products with complete and correct dangerous goods information will be reviewed and classified within two business days (Monday through Friday, excluding public holidays). Products with incomplete, inaccurate, or conflicting information may be blocked for sale through FBA.

In either case, you may be required to upload an SDS or an exemption sheet. Exemption sheets are for batteries and battery-powered products, and for products without harmful chemicals.

Providing a complete and valid SDS when you create your FBA listing will help you avoid delays. For more information, go to Required dangerous goods information and documentation (hazmat).

Important: If your product is identified as a possible dangerous good while inventory is already in an Amazon fulfillment center, we will notify you by email. You will have 14 business days to provide the requested documentation. If the documentation is not provided during this period, the inventory will be disposed of, at your expense.

Use the Look up an ASIN tool to check the classification status of your FBA ASIN (dangerous good or non-dangerous good, or if further documentation is required from you).

Why your product is under review and possible next steps

Here are potential reasons for product review:

  • The product requires a battery to function, but detailed battery information wasn’t provided when you created the ASIN or the detail page. Products that lack detailed power-source information also may be flagged for dangerous goods review.
  • Batteries are mentioned on the product detail page or in buyer reviews. In this case, you must complete and upload a battery exemption sheet. To start, go to Manage dangerous goods classification. Next, find your preferred language on the right side of the page and download the exemption sheet template.
  • Your product may contain or be sold with other possible hazardous items (such as screen cleaner or aerosol). In this case, obtain an SDS from the manufacturer or supplier, then upload the SDS .

Once any documents have been uploaded, you can use the Look up an ASIN tool above to check the classification status of your FBA ASIN. If your ASIN is reclassified and you have inventory in a fulfillment center, we’ll notify you by email.

Once the review is complete, verify that you have converted your product to FBA. If not, then convert your product.

If you disagree with the results of your product review, upload a new SDS or exemption sheet that supports your claim.

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