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Image guidelines for Clothing FAQ

What are the Apparel Imaging Guidelines and why did we update them?

Imaging guidelines form the basis of quality standards for uploading product images on Amazon. They provide Do's and Don'ts on technical requirements and content. We expect you to comply with these rules. The January 2021 iteration contained two updates:

  1. Requirement changes re on-model photography (women's and men's clothing) and complementary accessory usage for main images
  2. Best practices on how to deliver high quality imagery to our customers

We observed a high level of inconsistency between on- and off-figure main images on the Amazon website. Rather than continuing to accept both options, we decided to set a clear rule to decrease uncertainty for you and to provide higher consistency for customers.

How is Amazon sharing image guidelines?

Imaging guidelines are available in different sources in Seller Central such as Seller University. A search for "image requirements" or "clothing guidelines" will present the desired content sources

Why should you care about our best practices?

Amazon continuously collects customer feedback and conducts research and testing to improve internal photography standards. We want you to benefit from our expertise to improve sales conversion and to reduce product returns. We are confident that ongoing learning and improvement will help to increase the overall shopping experience for our customers. It is worth noting that compliant images are eligible for automated marketing widgets or curated programs.

Why is diversity important for on-figure photography?

Amazon values all forms of diversity, including but not limited to body size, skin tone, age, and gender. Amazon is committed to creating a community that is representative of and serves all needs of its diverse customer base, and highly encourages you to align with this commitment in order to continue creating an inclusive shopping experience that resonates with customers.

What informed the decision to ask for on-model main images for women's and men's apparel?

Research showed that seeing apparel products on a model is a clear customer preference. Less important is if on-figure images have a full- or half-face crop. Customers also ask for consistent search pages when shopping for apparel. Aligning to one site standard for main images will serve to meet this goal.

Are on-model images required for all alternative images, too?

No. To help customers assess look and fit of a product we recommend providing a minimum of four model images. Laydown images are acceptable for remaining variants, e.g. close-up shots to highlight fabric or features.

What is the expectation for existing imagery already uploaded to site?

We ask you to review your main images to verify if they comply with our guidelines and to replace existing off-figure main images with model images. Sometimes this may only mean to change the order of image variants uploaded. Once model images are not available for any other image variant, we recommend reshooting.

Is Amazon offering any support to help you adopt to the imaging guidelines and best practices?

We provide training material in Seller University in Seller Central on best practices when shooting on-figure apparel. In addition, Amazon offers photography and video services for selling partners. Find more information when searching for "Amazon Imaging Services" in Seller Central.

What happens if you are not complying with the image guidelines?

Amazon is taking steps to improve the customer experience by driving a consistent, elevated visual journey as defined by our Imaging guidelines. Amazon continues to check technical requirements during image upload automatically with non-compliant images rejected and not uploaded to site. In addition, a compliance check for main image content runs. As usual, failure to meet requirements as outlined in our imaging guidelines may result in images or listings being deprioritized in or suppressed from search. These listings will continue to be visible in the Suppressed Listings view in Seller Central. Beginning mid-February, you will begin to see increased usage of main images in search that align with the long-standing guidance to provide main adult apparel on a model.

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