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Transaction View

The Transaction View page displays the account transactions within a statement period, up until the prior day's close. A transaction can be an order, a refund, or an Amazon-initiated charge or credit.

You can search for a specific order or use the date and filter options to customize the report for your needs. Click Update after setting your filters. Only transactions from the last 24 months are available to review.

After the report updates, click on the linked Total for any order to see additional transaction details.

Adjust the report settings

Filter view by: Use this option to choose the type of transactions to display.

  • All transaction types: Default setting that displays all transactions
  • Order Payment: Buyer payments and seller fees
  • Refund: Order refunds
  • Chargeback Refund: Refunds that buyers initiate through their credit card company
  • A-to-z Guarantee Refund: See A-to-z Guarantee
  • Service Fees: Fees for services such as FBA storage
  • Shipping services purchased through Amazon: Shipping services purchases, refunds, and carrier adjustments
  • Paid to Amazon: Money you paid to Amazon because your sales for a statement period were less than your fees and charges
  • Other: Service-related fees and other Amazon-initiated credits and charges
  • Previous statement's unavailable balance: Total funds in reserve at the end of the previous statement period

Within: Use this option to choose the date range of transactions to display.

  • Statement period: This is the default. It includes all transactions in the settlement period.
  • Past number of days: Choose from pre-set numbers of days.
  • Custom date range: Choose your own date range.

Find a transaction

  • Enter an order number in the search box in the upper right corner of the Transaction View page to find a specific transaction.


  • You can also use the Download button to get all order and payment details for the dates you specify. Downloaded reports contain more details than the Transaction View and provide order-level transparency into the charges and refunds listed in the Statement View.

Common miscellaneous adjustments

You might come across a miscellaneous balance adjustment while reviewing Transaction reports. Common balance adjustments include:

Misc. Adjustment Type Definition
FBA Inbound Transportation Charge Shipping charges for using Amazon's partner carrier to send inventory.
FBA Storage fees Fees charged for all units stored in Amazon fulfillment center based on calendar month and daily average volume (measured in) cubic meters.
Refund Reimbursal Credit for refunded FBA order for which Amazon is claiming responsibility.
Reserve Funds held over between statements, usually due to pending A-to-z Guarantee claims or chargebacks.
Previous Reserve Amount Balance Funds held over from the previous statement that are being added back into the current statement.
Subscription The monthly charges for your selling plan and other prorated amounts for new subscriptions added mid-cycle.
Failed Charge A declined attempt to charge your credit card for a negative balance in a previous statement.
Order Retrocharge When we issue an Advance Refund to a buyer, we debit your seller account for the amount of the refund. If the buyer does not return the product within the allotted time, we re-charge the buyer's account and credit your account. When we are successful in re-charging the buyer for an unreturned product, it is considered a sale from you to the buyer. If you are registered with the Tax Calculation Service through your Professional selling plan, the credit you receive in the form of Order Retrocharge is for the taxes, calculated on your behalf, on the re-charge for the product that was not returned.
Retrocharge Refund If the buyer subsequently returned the product after the Order Retrocharge had been applied, we debit your account for the amount of the Order Retrocharge because the transaction is no longer considered a sale, but a completed return.
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