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This article applies to selling in: Italy

Prohibited Content and Intellectual Property Violations

Sellers are expected to conduct proper research to ensure that the items posted to our website are in compliance with all applicable laws. If we determine that the content of a product detail page or listing is prohibited, potentially illegal, or inappropriate, we may remove or alter it without prior notice. Amazon reserves the right to make decisions about whether or not content is appropriate in its absolute discretion.

The following list of prohibited products comprises two sections: Prohibited Content and Intellectual Property Violations.

Prohibited content

  • Illegal and potentially illegal products: Products sold on the site must adhere to all applicable laws. As sellers are legally liable for their actions and transactions, sellers must know the legal parameters surrounding any product they offer for sale on This includes the sale of products by individuals outside Italy.
  • Offensive material: Amazon reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of listings posted to our site.
  • Nudity: In general, images that portray nudity in a gratuitous or graphic manner are prohibited.
  • Items that infringe upon an individual's privacy: Amazon holds personal privacy in the highest regard. Therefore, items that infringe upon, or have potential to infringe upon, an individual's privacy are prohibited.
  • Advertisements: Listings that are intended wholly or mainly as "portals" to commercial or private websites for the purposes of advertising, or that offer contact information for offers, particularly those with ordering tools or information are prohibited.
  • Products made available by digital download: Amazon prohibits the listing of products that are made available by digital download, including "codes" that can be used to access content on other websites or platforms.
  • Products that are not safe: All new toys and electrical equipment must be CE marked. All toys and electrical equipment, whether new or used, must be safe (that is, there is no risk that the equipment will cause death, personal injury or damage to property) and, where applicable, come with an Italian standard plug. You must have used and refurbished electrical equipment tested by an expert prior to listing to verify that it is safe. You must not list any product that has been the subject of a product safety recall, regardless of branding. Products not meeting these requirements are prohibited.
  • E-cigarettes: Electronic cigarettes, kits, accessories and refills containing liquids, with or without nicotine, are prohibited to consumers who purchase in the Italian territory. Only e-cigarette electronic devices and related accessories clearly stating that the product does not contain liquids are allowed: however, these products cannot be fulfilled through FBA. Sellers have to comply with all nicotine-based product law directives (including tax regulations). The sale of tobacco and herbal cigarettes is also prohibited.
  • Animal products: Parts of or products from whale, dolphin, or shark (except shark teeth), elephant (including elephant ivory) or from any other regulated endangered plant or animal are prohibited.
  • Plants, plant material and seed: Certain types of plants, seeds and other plant material are prohibited or regulated to ensure they are safe for pets, humans and the environment. You should seek advice from appropriate government authorities before (a) exporting, importing, receiving or transporting such agricultural or plant material, and (b) selling seed, as marketing regulations apply and licensing may be required (e.g. for vegetable and grass seed). The appropriate authority is the Department of Agriculture in Italy.
  • Any product listed in the Excluded Products list in the Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement is prohibited for sale on the site. Additionally, sellers are prohibited from listing the following products on Mobile Phones Services, Magazines and Newspapers, Tobacco, Adult Toys and products, Gift Cards and Gift Certificates, Prescription Medication, Guns and Ammunition, Knives or other offensive weapons, Photo Processing (see this help page in Italian for a complete list).

Intellectual Property Violations

  • Counterfeit merchandise: Products offered for sale on our website must be authentic. Any product that has been illegally replicated, reproduced or manufactured is prohibited.
  • Unauthorized and unlicensed merchandise: All items offered for sale on our site must be commercially produced and authorized or licensed for sale as a retail product.
  • Recopied media: Media products (books, films, CDs, television programs, software titles, video games, and so on) that have been recopied, dubbed, duplicated, or transferred without permission of the rights holder are illegal to sell and are prohibited. This includes:
    • Books - Unauthorized copies of books are prohibited.
    • Music - Bootlegs, unauthorized live concerts, unauthorized soundboard recordings, unauthorized merchandise etc. are prohibited.
    • Movies - Unauthorized copies of movies in any format are prohibited. Unreleased/pre-released movies, screeners, trailers, unpublished and unauthorized film scripts (no ISBN number), electronic press kits, and unauthorized props are also prohibited.
    • Photos - Unauthorized copies of photos are prohibited.
    • Radio programs & concerts - Unauthorized recordings or copies of recordings of radio programs are prohibited.
    • Software - Recopied or duplicated software in any format is prohibited. Academic, OEM, back-up, fulfillment, promotional, beta (pre-release), unauthorized freeware/shareware, and "softlifted" versions of software are prohibited. Read our rules for selling software.
    • Television programs - Unauthorized copies of television programs (including pay-per-view events), programs never broadcast, unauthorized scripts, unauthorized props, and screeners are prohibited.
    • Video games - Video games sold on our site must be full retail versions. Recopied and transferred video games are prohibited. Mod chips, silver disks, video game emulators, Sega bootdisks, game enhancers, unauthorized video game compilations, unauthorized bundles of video game products, and unauthorized accessories are also prohibited.
  • Cross-border media and parallel imports: Genuine branded goods that infringe upon a rights owner’s territorial rights within the European Economic Area (EEA) are prohibited. For more information, visit our EU Imports and Cross-Border Sales help page.
  • Transferred media: Media transferred from one format to another is prohibited. This includes but is not limited to: films converted from NTSC to Pal and Pal to NTSC, laserdisc to video, television to video, CD-ROM to cassette tape, from the Internet to any digital format, etc.
  • Promotional media: Promotional versions of media products, including books (advance reading copies and uncorrected proofs), music, and videos (screeners) are prohibited. These products are distributed for promotional consideration and generally are not authorized for retail distribution or sale.
  • Rights of Publicity: Celebrity images and/or the use of celebrity names cannot be used for commercial purposes without permission of a celebrity or their management. This includes product endorsements and use of a celebrity's likeness on merchandise such as posters, mouse pads, clocks, image collections in digital format, and so on.
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