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Upload dangerous goods documents: Safety Data Sheet (SDS) or exemption sheet

To ensure that inventory in Amazon fulfillment centers is safe for storage, handling, and transportation, we check for products that might be regulated as dangerous goods (also known as hazardous materials). For more information, see Dangerous goods identification guide. Also, learn more about the FBA dangerous goods review process.

Use the tool below to provide a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) or an exemption sheet. For more information on document requirements, see Safety Data Sheets and exemption sheets in Required dangerous goods information and documentation.

  • Safety Data Sheets are for chemical-based products that might be regulated as dangerous goods (see examples of common dangerous goods). In the event you cannot procure an SDS for your product and it does not contain any harmful chemicals (e.g., alcohol, acid, sodium), you may upload an exemption sheet for products without harmful chemicals. You can download the appropriate template on the right side of this page.
  • Battery exemption sheets are for products that are, contain, or are sold with batteries (see examples of common dangerous goods), or that are otherwise powered. You can download the appropriate template from the list on the right side of this page.

Important: Documentation uploaded through this tool will be reviewed by our Dangerous Goods team within 4 business days (Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays) to determine whether an ASIN is regulated as dangerous goods.You can use the look up ASIN tool at any time to check the classification status of your ASIN.

How to upload your SDS or exemption sheet

  1. 1. Specify the ASIN, marketplace, and document language.
  2. 2. Choose the file you want to upload. The file must be 20 MB or less.
  3. 3. Click Upload file. A banner at the top of the screen will say “File successfully uploaded.” You can then close the window or upload more documents, if necessary.
  4. 4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 to upload more documents for the same ASIN or a different ASIN.
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