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Confirming Amazon Receipt of Products

How will I know when you receive my products?

Once you have shipped your products, you must set the shipment status to “Mark as Shipped” in the shipping workflow to allow tracking of your Amazon inbound inventory.

After you mark a shipment as “shipped”, the “Shipping Queue” view of your Amazon Seller Account will show you the status of your shipment(s). Such status will progressively show as:

  • In-Transit: The shipment has been reported in-transit to one of our Fulfilment Centres by the carrier or an appointment has been made for delivery (LTL only).
  • Delivered: The shipment has been reported as delivered to one of our Fulfilment Centres by the carrier.
  • Checked-In: The shipment has been checked-in to a dock at one of our Fulfilment Centres.
  • Receiving: The shipment contents are being processed into inventory at one of our Fulfilment Centres.
  • Closed: All of the inventory in your shipment has been processed and is available for sale and fulfilment. Inventory sent to a Fulfilment Centre is generally received and made available for sale within three business days of receipt.

Further information can be found here.

What should I do if a shipment has been sent but has not yet been received by Amazon?

If you are using a carrier that provides tracking information and you see that your shipment has arrived at Amazon, but it has not been received within three business days from the time of receipt, please contact us to request information about the shipment status. When contacting us, please include your tracking-ID number(s) and any other relevant information related to the shipment. Amazon will always require you to provide either the carrier tracking number or a delivery confirmation number on all claims of lost shipments or non-received shipments.

What are the primary causes of a delayed receiving status?

Incorrect quantities, improper labelling (poor quality or missing labels) or poorly packaged items might delay processing of your shipment. In many cases, we will be able to resolve the problem with the shipment but doing so will often cause delays in receiving the inventory.

If any receiving problems are found, this will be indicated as "Receiving w/problem(s)" in red within the “Shipping Queue” view of your Amazon Seller Account. A message will also appear under the shipment name that reads "Problem(s) found that require your attention".

Do you perform quality checks on inventory when it arrives at Amazon Fulfilment Centre?

We do not perform quality checks at the time of check-in unless the item carries clear signs of damage or destruction caused during the inbound shipping. If you label an item as “new” and we see any indications of damage (cracks, chips, tears, etc.), we will put the item aside as unsellable. If you labelled an item that has minor damage as “used,” we would assume that it was shipped in that condition and make it available for sale and fulfilment.

Will my products be safe in Amazon Fulfilment Centres?

All Amazon Fulfilment Centres are secure, climate-controlled facilities with highly automated pick, pack and ship processes to ensure safe and timely handling of merchant orders. Features include:

  • 24-hour security staff
  • Fully automated wireless and computer-networked order tracking throughout the facility
  • Climate- and humidity-controlled storage
  • High-performance security cage storage

Will Amazon pay for any lost or damaged product units at the Fulfilment Centre?

We maintain high standards when it comes to taking care of your inventory. However, under circumstances where Amazon takes responsibility for paying you the Replacement Value of an item as set forth in our Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement, we will reimburse you based on our estimate of fair market value. You can find more information about our Lost and Damaged Inventory Reimbursement Policy.

To make a claim, please contact us to send us the specific shipment ID and the claim reason.
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