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Multi-Country Inventory

What is Multi-Country Inventory?

Multi-Country Inventory (MCI) enables you to store inventory in fulfilment centres across Europe. MCI offers the following benefits:

  • Your customers receive faster, local delivery when your products are located in fulfilment centres close to where they live.
  • Your listings have visibility with Amazon Prime members and qualify for accelerated shipping options including Amazon Prime One-Day Delivery, Free Super Saver Delivery and Next-Day Delivery (where available).
  • You save on transportation costs when you send inventory in bulk to local fulfilment centres rather than dispatching individual orders across borders.

Further details can be found here.

How do I enable Multi-Country Inventory?

To enable Multi-Country Inventory:

  • Click on "Settings > Fulfilment by Amazon" at top-right of your seller account
  • Click the “Edit” button at far right of the “Multi-Country Inventory Settings” section
  • Select “Enable”, then the “Update” button.

Please note that Multi-Country Inventory is only available after you have converted listings to Fulfilment by Amazon.

If I use the European Fulfilment Network, can I still use Multi-Country Inventory and send inventory for storage in multiple countries?

Yes. You can use European Fulfilment Network and Multi-Country Inventory at the same time.

If you are out of stock in your MCI-eligible fulfilment centre, Amazon will dispatch orders from one of the in-stock fulfilment centres. If you have listings in marketplaces in countries where you do not hold local inventory, we will remotely fulfil orders from your shared inventory pool. For example, if you list on the France marketplace but only have inventory in fulfilment centres based in Italy and Germany, we will dispatch from your stock in either Italy or Germany. In such cases, you would be charged an EFN fee based on where we fulfilled the order from for the customer in France.

To avoid unplanned EFN fees, we recommend you maintain your inventory levels in each country and replenish often. To view stock levels on a per-country basis, use the Daily Inventory History report.

How do I manage my inventory and listings using Multi-Country Inventory?

When you enable Multi-Country Inventory (MCI), you will be able to send inventory into any of Amazon's European fulfilment centres.  In the shipment creation workflow, you will be able to choose from the available countries to send inventory using the drop down selector in the “Create Plan” stage of the workflow.

When listing in Amazon’s other European Marketplaces, you must also list in your home marketplace for MCI to work. This is the marketplace where you first registered your account.

We recommend you maintain your inventory levels in each country and replenish often. To view stock levels on a per-country basis, use the Daily Inventory History report.

Further details can be found here.

Is there anything else I should know about Multi-Country inventory?

Storing inventory in other countries may trigger additional VAT obligations for your business such as a registration need in the target country.

You are and remain solely responsible for complying with all applicable laws in each local marketplace in which you offer your products, as well as any obligations towards Amazon, in particular those contained in an applicable seller services agreement.

How much does Multi-Country Inventory cost?

There are no additional fees for using MCI. You pay standard FBA fulfilment fees provided you are in stock at the fulfilment centre in the marketplace where the order is placed.

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