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Orders search options

By default, the orders list on the Manage Orders page displays all orders placed in the past seven days, including canceled orders. Canceled and Pending orders are grayed out (not actionable). To change the default search, see Search orders.

From your seller account, click Orders, and then click Manage Orders. On the upper-right side of the Manage Orders page, you will see the following automatic searches:

Premium unshipped

Orders with Premium Shipping that have not been confirmed as shipped. This search appears regardless of whether you offer Premium Shipping. If you decide to offer it later, and meet the requirements, you will see your Premium Shipping orders here to help you ensure they are processed quickly. For more information, see Premium Shipping options.

Total unshipped

All orders that have not been confirmed as shipped, regardless of whether the order is seller-fulfilled or Amazon-fulfilled (FBA). A seller-fulfilled order remains in Unshipped status until the seller confirms the order as shipped. You must confirm shipment within 30 days of the order date or Amazon will cancel the order and you will not get paid, even if you shipped the order. Sellers are not required to confirm FBA orders since Amazon automatically confirms orders it ships through FBA.

Seller-fulfilled pending

Seller-fulfilled orders that might have an issue with the buyer's payment method. Do not ship an order while in Pending status. For more information, see Pending orders.

For each of these searches, if the number is greater than zero, click the link to see all the orders that meet the search criteria.

On the upper-left side of the Manage Orders page are a set of search filters. Visit Search orders to learn how to use both Search and Advanced Search.

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