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Do I need to book an appointment with the fulfillment center?

Scheduling a delivery appointment with the fulfillment center is mandatory for:

  • Less-than-Truckload (LTL) shipments
  • Small-Parcel (SPD) shipments shipped by a carrier other than our preferred carriers.
Note: Your shipment can be rejected at the fulfillment center in the absence of a valid delivery appointment.

How to book a Delivery Appointment for Less-Than-Truckload Deliveries

Note: We strongly recommend that it is your carrier and not you who books the delivery appointment. This is to avoid any confusions and mismatch in information provided to the fulfillment center.

Less than Truckload Delivery bookings are made via our Carrier Central. Ask your carrier to create a carrier account and book a delivery appointment with the fulfillment center via Carrier Central. The fulfillment center will respond to your carrier within 24 hours to determine the best delivery time. The carrier can also request changes to the appointment via Carrier Central.

If for any reason your carrier cannot make an appointment on your behalf, create a Carrier Central account yourself and book a delivery appointment for your shipment following the instructions in the manual that can be found in Carrier Central.

Note: If the carrier is no longer delivering or is facing delays in approaching a fulfillment center, or accidentally multiple appointments have been requested for the same shipment, is required to proactively go Carrier Central and cancel/update the appointment.

Do not request multiple appointments for the same delivery.

Your carrier will need the following information to book a delivery appointment for your shipment. Provide your carrier with the following information as it appears in Seller Central. To do so, you can download the FBA Booking Form, fill it out, and send it to your carrier.

Required shipment information:

  • Destination fulfillment center
  • Delivery address
  • List of FBA shipment IDs
  • PO IDs or Amazon Reference ID (you can locate it in your Shipping Queue in Seller Central, by clicking the shipment name)
  • Seller name
  • Number of pallets
  • Number of cartons
  • Number of units

How to book a Delivery Appointment for Small-Parcel Deliveries?

To schedule a delivery appointment for a small parcel shipment, not shipped with one of our preferred carriers, download the FBA Booking Form , fill it out with the information about your shipment, and send it to your carrier. The carrier must use the Carrier Central to book a delivery appointment.

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