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How to process Seller Fulfilled Prime orders

You can process Prime orders using Seller Central, via the Amazon Shipping website, in the the Buy Shipping section, via API connection or via your third-party solution provider (integrator).

When customers buy a Seller Fulfilled Prime ASIN, they have two delivery options at checkout. They can choose to place the order with:

  • One-Day or Two-Day Prime Shipping, linked to the address and the delivery time guaranteed by the carrier
  • Standard shipping

Identify Prime orders

Prime orders are easily identifiable from the Prime logo displayed beside the order number which you can find on the Orders page in Seller Central. In addition, the shipping speed selected by the customer is also highlighted under the Shipping section on this page, with “Next Day", "Two Days" or “Standard” corresponding to the shipping option you are expected to purchase in order to ensure that the customer receives their item on time.

To receive an overview of your Prime orders, either click on the Orders page in Seller Central and filter for Prime orders by selecting "Shipping Service" and then "Prime", or , go to Order reports, click Add or remove order report columns and make sure that the Prime option is enabled. Download an order report and filter the "isPrime" column for the value TRUE.

You can identify which orders are Prime in the following ways:

Manage Orders

  • Go to Seller Central > Orders > Manage Orders. Orders containing Prime SKUs will have a Prime badge.

Orders Reports

  • Go to Seller Central > Orders > Order Reports. Orders containing a Prime SKU will be marked as TRUE in the IsPrime column, which is added to this report when you click Add or remove order report columns and enable the Prime option.

Amazon Marketplace Web Service Merchant Fulfillment API

  • You can identify Prime orders through the Get Orders API. If you use a third-party integrator, you should confirm with them if they support Seller Fulfilled Prime. If you plan to integrate directly with this API, see the Amazon Marketplace Web Services documentation for the Italian marketplace.

Processing a Prime order

When you receive a Prime order, there are 4 actions that you can take in Manage Orders section in Seller Central:

  1. Buy shipping: This allows you to purchase a shipping label from a Prime carrier. After a label has been purchased, it automatically triggers a confirmation to the buyer that the item has been dispatched.
  2. Confirm shipment: This option should only be chosen when you use the shipping label bought outside of Amazon in exceptional circumstances. In such cases, select Confirm shipment and add the details to the delivery method and tracking ID.
  3. Print packing slip: This allows you to print the packing slip for the order, which should then be placed in the outbound shipment.
  4. Cancel Order: This cancels the order and notifies the customer that their order has been cancelled.
    Note: For Seller-Fulfilled Prime orders, you are expected to have an order cancellation rate of <0.5%.

When fulfilling a Prime order, you are required to click Buy Shipping to generate a Prime shipping label for at least 98% of prime orders. In order to generate the correct label, you are required to fill in the weight and dimensions of the outbound package, and you must ensure that they are within the supported size and weight range for your chosen Prime carrier. If you have completed this correctly, the Prime carrier shipping options will be displayed in the list of suitable shipping options.

Ensure that the weight and dimensional information entered during the process of purchasing a shipping label through the Buy Delivery Service is accurate. Any difference in charges due to discrepancy in the information you entered and the dimensions scanned by the carrier is liable to be charged to you.

Once you purchase the label, you will be given the option to print the label. Affix the label on the package and prepare your shipments for collection with your Prime carrier. Note that regardless of the shipping option chosen by the customer or the label type, you must always comply with the order cut-off time for same-day dispatch.

Order cut-off times

Regardless of the shipping speed selected by the customer, Prime orders must be shipped on the same day that the order is received, as long as the customer places the order before your cut-off time. By default, all orders received in your system order by 3:00 p.m. local time must be shipped the same day. Orders received after the cut-off time must be shipped the next shipping day. You can move your cut-off time to later than 3:00 pm. If you have a later carrier collection, a later cutoff will mean customers can have a next day promise later. Please ensure that if you move your cut-off time to later than 3:00 pm, you leave enough time to pick and pack orders ready for collection same day.

Operational hours and delivery days

Sellers enrolled in Seller Fulfilled Prime are expected to ship packages on the day the order is received until the cut-off time every Monday to Friday. All Seller Fulfilled Prime orders will have a one business day promise.

Day ordered (before cut-off) Delivery day to customer - Seller Fulfilled Prime - One-Day Delivery
Monday Tuesday
Tuesday Wednesday
Wednesday Thursday
Thursday Friday
Friday The following Monday
Saturday The following Tuesday
Sunday The following Tuesday
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