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Inventory Age Report

The Inventory Age report helps you quickly identify how long items in your inventory have been in fulfillment centers and those items subject to upcoming long-term storage fees (LTSF).

The report also provides details about sales, current sellable quantities, your list price, and the lowest price on Amazon for the same item for all of your fulfilled-by-Amazon inventory.

The following per-ASIN information is included in the report:

Field name Description
snapshot-date The date the report was generated on.
sku Unique blocks of letters and numbers that are assigned by you to the product you are selling
fnsku Unique blocks of letters and numbers that are assigned by Amazon to products stored in and fulfilled from an Amazon fulfillment center
asin Unique blocks of ten letters or numbers assigned by Amazon to the products sold through Amazon
product-name The name of your product
condition The condition of the unit (new, used, etc.)
available-quantity(sellable) The number of units in inventory available for purchase
qty-with-removals-in-progress The number of units in inventory that you have requested be returned to you or disposed of
inv-age-0-to-90-days The number of sellable units that have been in the fulfillment center for the last 0-90 days
inv-age-91-to-180-days The number of sellable units that have been in the fulfillment center for the last 91-180 days
inv-age-181-to-270-days The number of sellable units that have been in the fulfillment center for the last 181-270 days
inv-age-271-to-365-days The number of sellable units that have been in the fulfillment center for the last 271-365 days
inv-age-365-plus-days The number of sellable units that have been in the fulfillment center for the last 365+ days
currency The currency for the estimated long-term storage fee charge
qty-to-be-charged-ltsf-12-mo The number of sellable units that are in the fulfillment center for 365 days or more, as of the next assessment (Starting August 2019, LTSF will be assessed on the 15th of each month).
projected-ltsf-12-mo The projected long-term storage fee that will be charged for units that have been in fulfillment centers for 365 days or more on the next inventory clean-up date at the current inventory level
units-shipped-last-7-days Units sold in the last 7 days
units-shipped-last-30-days Units sold in the last 30 days
units-shipped-last-60-days Units sold in the last 60 days
units-shipped-last-90-days Units sold in the last 90 days

Shows when this item has a low traffic or low conversion alert

Low traffic indicates that a low number of potential buyers have seen the listings. Use the Improve Keywords feature in the actions list to optimize your listing for search. The Advertise Listing feature allows you to advertise through Sponsored Products to drive additional traffic to your listing.

Low conversion indicates that potential buyers are viewing the listing but do not follow through to purchase the product. Ensuring a high quality detail page and pricing competitively helps improve conversion rates.
your-price Your listed price
sale_price Your sale price if you are running a sale on the product
lowest_price_new The lowest price (including shipping) for this item in new condition on Amazon
lowest_price_used The lowest price (including shipping) for this item in used condition on Amazon
Recommended action The action recommended for your inventory. Recommendations depend on your inventory position, ASIN alerts, and known inputs at the time the report is generated.
Healthy Inventory Level Quantity of inventory that is not considered excess based on product demand and your costs. Our recommendations are based on helping you reach this level of inventory.
Recommended Sales Price Consider lowering your price to Recommended sales price to increase likelihood that you sell through your inventory based on your current inventory settings. This value may be different from the lowest price or Buy Box price. You can use pricing rules in seller central to help you set low prices. Consider to lower your price to the Recommended Sales price or lower until you have sold through your excess inventory.
Recommended Sale Duration If a sale is recommended, this is the estimated sale duration in days that would likely help you sell through your excess inventory.
Estimated Storage Cost Estimated FBA storage fees and your holding cost of capital if no action is taken to help sell through or remove your inventory. The storage fees may include the Long-term Storage Fee and are based on your current sales rate. The estimation is calculated over a 3-year horizon.
Note: Inventory quantities are based on a daily snapshot and may differ from your actual inventory quantities.
Recommended Removal Quantity Estimated quantity of inventory that would likely benefit from removal instead of being charged storage fees.
estimated-cost-savings-of-recommended-actions Estimated cost savings between taking the recommended action versus the storage fees you would incur on that inventory by taking no action.
sell-through The rate at which your units sold and shipped over the past 90 days divided by the average inventory available at fulfillment centers during that time period. Tracking your sell-through rate can help you determine whether you need to take action to improve traffic or conversion for your products.
item-volume The volume of the item, which is calculated by multiplying the longest side, median side, and shortest side together. These measurements generally correspond to the length, width, and height of the item.
volume-units Unit of measurement for the volume of the item.
storage-type Storage type category of the product for which storage limits are set. There are four storage types: standard-size, oversize, apparel, and footwear.
Note: standard-size is including small and standard types.
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