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Seller Fulfilled Prime trial period

Before enrolling in Seller Fulfilled Prime, you must qualify by completing a trial period to show that you are able to meet the requirements for Prime fulfillment excellence and customer satisfaction. During the trial period, you must agree to the Program Terms for Seller Fulfilled Prime and satisfy the Performance Requirements described below.

The Prime badge will not be displayed on items enrolled in Seller Fulfilled Prime during the trial period. Once you successfully complete the trial period, you will automatically be enrolled into Seller Fulfilled Prime and in three days your offers will display the Prime badge to customers on the items assigned to the Prime shipping template.

How to start the trial

  1. Complete Self-Service Registration: Once you have registered, you will be redirected to the Self-Service Registration workflow. This workflow will help you to:
    1. Refresh your understanding of the program requirements.
    2. Register your interest in onboarding with a Prime carrier.
    3. Set up the Prime shipping template.
    4. Connect ASINs to the Prime shipping template.
  2. Start trial: Once you have completed self-service registration, you will be live in trial and ready to start fulfilling Prime orders.

To learn about how to configure Prime shipping settings, see Configure Shipping Settings for Seller Fulfilled Prime.

Once registered, you are expected to set up your first collection with a supported Prime Carrier. At this time, we offer TNT and BRT as the supported carriers. Click here to find out more about the onboarding process.

Performance requirements

Before starting on the Seller Fulfilled Prime program, you have to complete a trial period to prove that you meet the requirements of excellence in logistics management and Prime customer satisfaction.

During the trial period, you must meet the following performance requirements:

  • The latest 25 Prime orders must have a 99% on-time shipping rate.
  • Purchase shipping from approved Prime carriers via Buy Shipping services in Seller Central for all of your trial orders after carrier onboarding.
  • Have less than 0.5% pre-fulfilment order-cancellation rate.

If you fail to meet the above requirements within 25 orders, the trial period will automatically reset and you can try again.

Note: In exceptional cases (while onboarding with approved carrier is not completed or if shipping labels are temporarily unavailable through Buy Shipping) you may purchase shipping labels directly from your carrier provided that you confirm dispatch and provide order tracking ID in Seller Central

Prime order definition

Any order on an ASIN linked to the Prime shipping template will be treated as a Prime order, irrespective of the delivery speed chosen by the customer (One-Day or Standard) or whether the customer is a Prime member or not.

Additionally, any order that has both Prime and non-Prime ASINs in it will be treated as a Prime order.

Successful completion of trial

Up to three days after you successfully complete the trial requirements, the SKUs mapped to your Prime templates will automatically display the Prime badge to customers and you will become a Seller Fulfilled Prime seller. You can continue to add or remove SKUs to the program by assigning or removing the Prime shipping template.

To maintain eligibility for Seller Fulfilled Prime, you are required to maintain performance requirements on a trailing 30-day basis. Learn more about maintaining enrollment in Seller Fulfilled Prime.

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