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Seller reimbursement policy for Seller Fulfilled Prime

Amazon provides and has sole discretion in determining all post-order customer service, including customer returns, refunds, and adjustments related to Prime items. You agree that Amazon may charge the costs of any returns, refunds, or other adjustments and concessions related to Prime items to your seller account. See program terms for Seller Fulfilled Prime for further information. When Amazon issues a refund to a customer and you are charged for it, you may file a claim for reimbursement.

Possible cases for reimbursement by Amazon

You might be eligible for reimbursement if a customer has been refunded for one of the following reasons and the amount reimbursed to the customer has been taken from your seller account. This list does not guarantee a reimbursement, and Amazon maintains all rights to determine what reimbursement value, if any, is issued:

  • The customer claims that an item was not received, however tracking shows ‘delivered’. The shipment has been handled by an approved Seller Fulfilled Prime carrier.
  • Amazon Customer Service issued a refund to the customer but customer did not return the product (evident by lack of a ‘first scan’ in a return). This is not applicable to items that are deemed ‘Hazmat’ or ‘Non-returnable’ by Amazon systems.
  • The item was returned in damaged condition by the customer (please send appropriate photos) or seller received a different item/model, an empty box or there are missing accessories.
  • The item was returned out of the return window.
  • The item was delivered late by an approved Seller Fulfilled Prime carrier.
  • The cost of the return label when the item is not clothing/handbags and the return reason is buyer-responsible.

The following cases will not be considered for reimbursement:

  • Items lost or damaged in transit, either outbound or return, by any carrier.
  • Any refund to the customer issued by you and not by Amazon Customer Service.

With all reimbursement claims, its your responsibility to reply to information requests from Amazon investigators. Failure to provide sufficient information will result in denial of your claim.

Reimbursement values and restrictions

The following restrictions apply to reimbursements:

  • Reimbursements for a single item will not exceed EUR 4,000. For items valued at more than EUR 4,000, we suggest that you purchase third-party insurance.
  • You must file a reimbursement claim within 60 days from the date of the refund issued to the buyer.
  • For customer-damaged products, the reimbursement will be limited to a maximum of 50% of the order value of the product.
  • Any part of Amazon fees or shipping label charges will not be reimbursed.
  • Chargeback claims are not covered by this policy. If you receive a chargeback claim, it is your responsibility to reply to information requests from Amazon investigators. Failure to provide sufficient information will result in your claim being denied. Please see our full chargeback policy for further details.
  • A to Z claims are similarly not covered by this policy and need to be addressed through the appropriate section in Seller Central.

How to file a reimbursement claim

  1. Visit our Contact us page.
  2. Describe the details of the situation surrounding your claim and be sure to include the order number for the claim.
  3. Explain why you should qualify for reimbursement.
  4. If you want to upload an attachment (such as a photo), please provide as much relevant supporting information as you can to support your claim.

Verify that your email is correct and then click Send.

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