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My offer is suppressed after using Automate Pricing

To ensure that you never sell a product above or below the thresholds that you set, Amazon uses the same minimum and maximum prices throughout Seller Central. This means that the minimum and maximum prices that you set in Automate Pricing are applied even when you are not repricing.

To adjust your minimum and maximum prices in Automate Pricing:

  1. Point to Pricing and then click Manage Pricing.
  2. Click the Preferences: x column hidden button.
  3. Select Your Minimum Price > Your Maximum Price > Save changes.
  4. Verify whether your price is above your maximum price or below your minimum price.

Guidelines for price threshold for offer:

  • Minimum item price must be greater than the minimum referral fees for the product's category.
  • Maximum item price must be less than 6 times the ASIN's recent sales price or 200 €, whichever is higher.

For additional information, see Minimum and Maximum Price Validation.

For additional troubleshooting steps, see Unblock Listings that have Pricing Errors.

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