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Manage orders and payments

Where do I find my orders?

You can view your orders in the Manage Orders tool, or if you have a Professional selling plan, you can download an order report. Both options are found under Orders. For more information, go to Manage your orders.

Do I need to send a confirmation to Amazon when I ship an order?

Yes. When you confirm shipment, we charge the buyer for the order, credit your seller account for the order, send a shipment confirmation email to the buyer, and update the buyer's account with the shipping information. The buyer can then track the status online. This results in improved buyer satisfaction and reduced buyer contacts.

Note: If you do not confirm shipment of an order within seven business days of the shipping availability date, we will automatically cancel the order. We will not charge the buyer, even if you already shipped the order. This means that you will not be paid for the order.

For more information, go to how to confirm a shipment. You can also confirm multiple shipments with feeds using the Shipping confirmation template, if you have a Professional selling plan.

Does Amazon retain any fees when I refund a buyer?

When reimbursing you for a buyer refund, Amazon determines the amount of the order-related fees that are credited back to you and the amount of such fees that Amazon retains is based on the item's product line and the order amount.

For more information, go to Refund credits and administration fees.

How and when do I get paid?

To view detailed information related to your Payments account, and details on all order and other transactions, go to the Reports tab and select Payments. For information about the settlement process, including how long it can take to transfer funds to your bank account and what information you will need in your seller account before you can be paid, go to getting paid FAQ.

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