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Add-on program

Add-on items are low-price items that would be cost prohibitive to ship on their own. These items can be anything from a jar of paprika to a fishing lure. The Add-on program allows Amazon to offer the selection to customers even though certain items are cost prohibitive to ship as single units. Add-on items are available for purchase with items shipped by Amazon that exceed the Add-on order threshold, excluding gift cards.

For details we provide to customers, see Buy Add-on Items.

To improve the customer experience, Add-on items are marked with an "Add-on" badge throughout the shopping experience. However, due to the dynamic nature of economics, we are unable to notify sellers when items move in and out of the program. The automated system reviews items daily; as such, Add-on items can change frequently.

Important: : The Add-on program applies only to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) items.

Prime customers

Prime customers receive Prime benefits on their Add-on items only when their order is over the Add-on order threshold.

Remove an item from the Add-on program

The Add-on program is managed by an automated system that adds and removes items from the program daily. We cannot manually remove items from the program by request. To exempt or remove your item from Add-on eligibility, you must exclude or remove the item from FBA.


There are two similar ASINs but one is in the Add-on program and the other is not. Why?

Eligibility for the Add-on program depends on many factors. Although two ASINs are similarly priced, it is possible that one seller's ASIN is in Add-on while another seller's ASIN is not.

Different color variations of the same item are being treated differently, with one variation in Add-on and another not. Why is one item in Add-on and the other not?

Because Add-on eligibility depends on many factors, variations of the same ASIN that are priced the same can have differing Add-on status. Add-on inclusion is based on selling price in addition to other factors contributing to the item being cost-prohibitive to ship as a single unit.

What are the costs associated with the Add-on program?

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) fees will apply to Add-on items exactly as they apply to other items. We only apply order handling fees once to each order regardless of how many Add-on items a buyer orders.

Are there any changes concerning the LTSF (Long-Term Storage Fee)?

We are not making any changes to the LTSF concerning Add-on items. They will be assessed the same way as any other items.

How do I remove my items from an Amazon fulfillment center?

Please contact Seller Support for assistance on removing items from Amazon fulfillment centers.

Note: we cannot remove your items from the Add-on program. To remove your item from Add-on eligibility, you have to remove the item from FBA.

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