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Heavy and Bulky Shipping Template

The Heavy and Bulky shipping template is the fulfillment option that allows you to deliver Heavy and Bulky items from your own warehouse directly to the customer with arranged or scheduled delivery. By using the Heavy and Bulky shipping template, you are committing to deliver products conveniently for Amazon Customers, through at least one of the following shipping methods:

  • Arranged Delivery: the customer must be contacted by you or your carrier to define a date for reception of the order. The communication can take place via phone call, text message or Amazon email.
  • Scheduled Delivery at the doorstep: the customer is able to choose a specific date/time slot for reception of the order during checkout. The delivery takes place at the doorstep of customer’s house instead of curbside.

Note: The Heavy and Bulky shipping template is currently offered on an invitation-only basis subject to below listed eligibility criteria. To get more information about the shipping template and eligibility, please write to

What is a Heavy and Bulky product?

At Amazon, we consider a Heavy and Bulky item any product that meets one of the following characteristics:

  1. Longer than 1.75 m on any of its sides.
  2. Weight > 31.5 kg
  3. Girth > 360 cm [Girth = Length + 2*(Height) + 2*(Width)]

Why should I use the Heavy and Bulky template?

Arranged Delivery allows customers to change their phone number at checkout, reducing missed deliveries, customer contacts and, therefore, lowering your Order Defect Rate (ODR).

Scheduled Delivery at the doorstep allows customers to choose a date and time slot (if offered by the Selling Partner) in which to receive the product. The delivery takes place at the doorstep. All the advantages of Arranged Delivery apply to Scheduled Delivery.

Once you assign an item to the Heavy and Bulky shipping template, both shipping options allow you to choose in which regions offer them and to set different Rates and Transit Times per area. Finally you will be able to provide your customers with full order tracking.

The Heavy and Bulky shipping template will also allow you to run promotions (deals and coupons/vouchers) on the products assigned to the template.

Once we confirm you are eligible and enable the Heavy and Bulky Shipping Template in your account, please follow the steps below to activate Arranged Delivery and Scheduled Delivery at the doorstep (change to be made in each marketplace):

  1. From the Settings drop-down menu, select Shipping Settings
  2. From the Shipping Templates list, click Create New Shipping Template and later on Create a new template with arranged delivery, and then click OK
  3. Once you have created and saved the new template, assign SKUs to it.

Eligibility Criteria

You must meet the below criteria to be enabled to use the Heavy Bulky template.

  1. Valid Tracking (VTR): You must use a carrier that provides Amazon with detailed tracking information for all of the SKUs linked to the shipping template for Heavy and Bulky items. For more information, go to Valid tracking rate (VTR).
  2. Delivery Performance: >96% of the orders using the shipping template for Heavy and Bulky items need to be delivered in time or on the date chosen by the customer (Delivery Estimated Accurate, DEA, >96%).
  3. Products: You can use this shipping template for products that require two-man delivery (heavy/bulky items, >23 kg, >360 cm girth) and/or ASINs from selected subcategories that require special handling - TVs, Domestic Appliances, Furniture and Sports Equipment.
  4. Scheduling: when using Arranged delivery, it is required that you or your carriers arranged a delivery date with the customer. When using the Scheduled delivery at the doorstep, it is required that your carrier delivers the product at the customer’s doorstep on the date and timeslot chosen by the customer during checkout.
  5. Carrier: Selling partners enrolled in the program are enabled to offer Arranged Delivery and Scheduled Delivery at the doorstep only if they use an integrated carrier that provides Amazon with complete tracking information. In the following list you can find the carriers that are able to provide these services:
    • BRT
    • TNT
    • ENERGO
    • DPD
    • UPS
    • TNT
    • GEL
    • DHL
    • SDA
    For additional information on the program and on the enrolment please write to

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