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How to create coupons in bulk

To use spreadsheets to create coupons, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Advertising, and then select Coupons.
  2. Click Create a new coupon on the dashboard.
  3. In the Create in bulk section on the right, click Download template file.
  4. Open the file and fill the spreadsheet according to the instructions listed below.
    Note: Each row in the spreadsheet is a separate Coupon. If you want to add multiple ASINs to the same coupon coupon, add them in the same cell in column A, separated by a semi-colon.
    Spreadsheet Column Column Title Details
    A ASIN list Enter up to 200 parent ASINs or 8,000 child ASINs that you want to run a coupon on. ASIN list should be semi-colon separated. If you add a parent ASIN, all child ASINs will be automatically added to the Coupon.
    B Discount type ( off or % off) Choose either Money Off or Percentage Off.
    C Coupon discount "% Off" value

    Fill this section only if you selected % Off in Column B. Leave blank if you selected off.

    Enter the discount percentage amount that you want to offer on the coupon. Discount percentage should be between 5% - 80%.

    D Coupon discount " Off" value

    Fill this section if you selected Off in Column B. Leave blank if you selected % off.

    Enter the discount percentage amount that you want to offer on the coupon. Discount value must be greater than 0.

    E Coupon title Amazon automatically generates the beginning of your Coupon title with the discount that you selected (Example: Save 10% on). Input the rest of the title that will be displayed to customers. Using Brand and Product name is recommended. Limit is 80 characters. Note that entering offensive words, discount amounts/percentages, referring to events, such as Prime Day or Black Friday, or using languages that are not supported in the given marketplace in coupon titles are prohibited and can result in your Coupon being deactivated.
    F Coupon budget Enter the budget amount that you want to add to the coupon. Minimum is €100. Note that coupon budgets are not hard limits. For details, go to Why is my spend higher than my budget?.
    G Coupon start date Choose a start date within the next 180 days. Use YYYY-MM-DD date format. Your coupon will start at midnight of the start date. Note that coupons may take up to 4-6 hours to show on website after they go live.
    H Coupon end date Choose an end date within 3 months from coupon start date. Use YYYY-MM-DD date format.Coupons end at 11:59 PM on the end date.
    I Limit redemption to one per customer Select Yes to limit redemption of your coupon to one per customer. Select No to allow your coupon to be redeemed multiple times per customer.
    J Targeted Segment Specify the customer segment your coupon should be visible to. For example, if you choose All customers, your coupon will be seen by all customers. If you choose Amazon Prime, your coupon will only be visible to Amazon Prime customers.
  5. Save your file as a .xls spreadsheet.
  6. Click Choose file, select the .xls file you saved in previous step, and click Upload.
  7. Our system will start to process your spreadsheet. Refer to Recent Uploads to review the status of your coupon spreadsheet:

    Processing: Spreadsheetis going through basic validations. Status will change to Success or Error.

    Success: Spreadsheet was processed successfully and coupons were created. Note that this does not mean that your coupon will run. After a spreadsheet has been processed successfully, our system will run a number of validations on thecoupon. Monitor the status of the coupon in the coupons dashboard.

    Errors: There were errors in creating coupons. Download the ‘Status File’ to review the errors and take the required actions to correct them. For details, go to How to fix coupon upload spreadsheet errors?.
    Note: The earliest a coupon can go live is six hours after creation. Coupons created with a same day start date will require at least 6 hours for our system to run a number of validation rules on your coupon to make sure it offers a good value to our customers. We currently do not allow the creation of coupons more than six months in advance (Start date of coupon cannot be more than six months from the day of creation).

Cancelling a coupon

At any time, you can cancel any of your coupons by clicking the Deactivate button on your dashboard.

Note: Cancellations might not be immediate because customers who have already clipped your coupon before cancellation will be allowed to check out with those coupons for approximately 30 minutes.
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