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Issue Multiple Refunds

You can upload an adjustments file to issue full or partial  refunds, or miscellaneous adjustments for multiple orders at the same time. If  you prefer, you can issue refunds one at a time in Manage Orders. Learn more

Follow these steps to prepare and upload an adjustments file, and to review the upload status and processing report:

1. Download the template

Download the Adjustments Template. Select a destination folder on your  computer and click Save.

2. Enter your order refund information

  1. Open the Adjustments template you saved to your computer.
  2. Review the Instructions and Definitions sheets,  particularly the important notes and formatting requirements. See the  Adjustments Glossary below also. This template has validation macros that can help  you complete the template correctly. You can turn the validation macros off,  but we recommend keeping them on until you've learned how to use the template.
  3. Enter the information for each order you are refunding 


All fields in the Order  Adjustments file are required, except for promotion-related  fields if you are not offering promotions. In that case, delete the  promotion-related fields from the file or the feed will not process  successfully.

The hyphens in order numbers (order-id) are required, and the feed  will not process successfully without them.

Excel formatting suggestions

Format your number columns as text to keep Excel from removing  leading zeros.
Format the date columns as yyyy-mm-dd.
Wrap text or change the width of the cells so you can view all of your  data.

3. Save the spreadsheet as a text file

  1. Save your file as a regular Excel  spreadsheet (.xls or .xlsx). You might want to use a naming convention such as  Filename_Date. For example, an order refund file uploaded was uploaded on May  12, 2012 would be named OrderRefund_2012-05-12. 
  2. In your saved Excel file, if the  BatchRefunds tab containing your data is not displayed, click that tab.
  3. On the File menu (or the Office Button  menu), click Save As.
  4. In the Save as type drop-down  list, select Text (Tab delimited) (*.txt). Browse to where you want to  save the file on your computer and click Save.
  5. You might see a warning that the  selected file format (the tab-delimited file type) does not support workbooks  containing multiple worksheets. Click Yes.
  6. You might see a warning that your file  contains features incompatible with the selected text (tab-delimited) file  format. Click Yes.

4. Upload the text file

  1. On the Orders tab, click the Upload Order Related Files, and then click the Adjustments link.
  1. Under Upload Your Adjustments File, click Browse.
  2. Browse to where you saved the tab-delimited text file and then select the file.
  3. Click Upload now.
    The file is uploaded to, and a message confirms that your file was received.

5. Review the status of your Adjustments File upload

  1. Check the Review File Status and History section of the Adjustments page to see the status of your upload. Click Refresh to see the latest status.
    After the file is processed, "Status: Done" appears in the Status/Results column along with the number of errors, if any.

  2. If there are any errors, click View Processing Report to diagnose and correct errors in the uploaded file. Learn more
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