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Business discount insights

The Business discount insights page gives you recommendations to help you set business prices and quantity discounts. Business discounts are only visible to Amazon Business (AB) customers. Offering business prices and quantity discounts can help you capture customers' attention, gain their trust, and earn their business.

How are the recommendations generated?

We use the following methodologies to recommend business prices and quantity discounts:

Average business discount

Business price recommendations are determined based on the average business discount set by other sellers in the same subcategory and price band of the ASIN. For example, your ASIN belongs to the Personal Computers subcategory for which the average business discount offered from consumer pricing is 5% for computers in the price range from €1,000 to €1,200. You will be recommended a discount of 5% for this ASIN.

Quantity discount

Quantity discount recommendations are determined based on common quantities bought by Amazon Business customers in the same subcategory.

Note: While we provide business price and quantity discount recommendations, it’s important to remember that Amazon does not have access to your profit margin or cost structure information. We remind you to do your own analysis before implementing business discounts throughout your catalog.

How are the ASINs ranked in the 'Business discount insights' page?

The ASINs on Business discount insights page and accompanying report are ranked by their relevance to Amazon Business customers. ASINs with a higher rank are more likely to get attention from a business customer when a business discount is present.

How can I see more than just 10 recommendations?

Click Generate a Report on the Business discount insights page to view additional recommendations.

Where do I track the impact of my business discounts?

The best way to track results is to monitor the Sales Snapshot widget in B2B Central frequently. This widget gives you a breakdown of your B2B vs non-B2B sales over time. You can also track B2B sales by individual ASIN in Seller Central in the Business Reports page under Detail Page Sales and Traffic.

How do I add, edit, or delete business prices and quantity discounts?

You can add, edit and delete business prices, and quantity discounts in your listings by using Manage Inventory, feeds, or XML files. To learn more, go to:

You can also use the Automate Pricing tool to set and automatically update your business prices and quantity discounts in response to changes in your standard price. For more information, go to Create a business pricing rule.

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