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This article applies to selling in: Italy

GSS Freight program common errors

When filling out your booking information in Seller Central, please ensure the following:

  • Fields that require numbers cannot contain letters or symbols
  • All numbers must be positive
  • Your box count cannot exceed the number of units in your shipment

To determine how many units are in your shipment within the shipment creation workflow, navigate to the top of the page and view the Shipment contents header. You will be able to see the number of MSKUs and units associated with your shipment.

For ocean full container load shipments:

Confirm that the number of containers does not exceed the number of units in your shipment. The container dimensions and cargo weight cannot exceed the maximum limits shown below.

Container type Typical volume cubic meters Max volume cubic meters Typical max cargo weight kilograms
20 feet 25-28 33 16,400
40 feet 55-57 67 20,800
40 feet high 62-65 76 20,200
45 feet high 70-73 86 20,000

For air freight shipments:

Confirm that your box dimensions and shipment weight do not exceed the maximum limits shown below.

Type Maximum
Box length 316 cm
Box width 242 cm
Box height 180 cm
Shipment weight 140 metric tons
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