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Optimized seller-set transit

Optimized seller-set transit (OST) can help you provide faster and more accurate delivery times for seller fulfilled standard shipping orders. This feature uses historical shipping data to dynamically adjust the transit times between your default warehouse location and the customer location. Enabling this option on your standard shipping template can help you provide more accurate estimated delivery promise to customers, while using your carrier of choice.

Note: OST is currently available to sellers who have high performance in On-time delivery rate and Valid tracking rate. Eligible sellers can enable OST on standard shipping templates where Shipping settings automation (SSA) is not activated.
Important: Ensure your default shipping address is up to date, as OST uses your default shipping warehouse location (default shipping address) and customer location to estimate transit times. You can refer to the FAQ section on this page to learn more on how to update your default ship-from address.

Optimized seller-set transit for standard shipping offers

To enable OST for standard shipping offers, follow the below steps:

  1. From the Settings drop-down menu on the top right of Seller Central, click on Shipping settings. On the ‘Shipping settings’ page, navigate to Shipping templates
  2. On the Shipping templates:
    • If you want to create a new shipping template to enable Optimized seller-set transit, click on Create New Shipping Template and then on Create a new delivery template, enter the Shipping template name (for example, ‘My Self-fulfilled shipping’) and choose from either a Per Item/Weight-Based or Price banded rate model as your shipping rates or,
    • If you want to upgrade an existing shipping template to enable Optimized seller-set transit, choose the existing shipping template and then click on Edit Template on the right side of screen.
  3. Click on the toggle button to enable ‘Optimized seller-set transit' settings
  4. Review the shipping fee for your shipping regions
  5. Click on Save template
  6. Assign your Self-fulfilled SKUs to the shipping template.

Note: OST is limited to self-fulfilled (non-prime) standard shipping settings for domestic and out of country locations. It does not apply to ‘Prime’ and ‘Premium shipping’.

Optimized seller-set transit FAQ

What is the benefit of enabling OST?

Customers like to purchase products with fast delivery promises. However, offering accurate transit times to different delivery regions requires sellers to accurately calculate and track the delivery capabilities of the carrier shipping services they use, which may be difficult. Enabling the ‘Optimized seller-set transit’ settings in your shipping templates can help you provide more accurate delivery times to customers.

Do I need to re-enable OST on my shipping templates every time I update my default shipping address?

No, once you have enabled ‘Optimized seller-set transit’ on your shipping templates, Amazon will automatically use your latest default shipping address to estimate delivery times for the customers. You do not need to re-enable it on your shipping templates after you have changed your default shipping address.

How do I edit my default shipping address?

You can edit your default shipping address by following these steps:

  1. Click Settings drop-down menu on the top right of Seller Central, click on Shipping settings. On the ‘Shipping settings’ page, navigate to General shipping settings
  2. Click Edit on the top right corner of the Default shipping address section
  3. Select the address that you want to set as the new default shipping address, or click Add a new address to add a new ship-from address
  4. Click Save.

Do I need to configure the transit times for my delivery regions after I have enabled OST?

You can choose to configure the transit times for your shipping regions after enabling OST. Amazon’s system will compare the historical shipping data between your shipping address and customer location and your configured transit time, and will choose faster and more accurate option to generate customer delivery promise.

Can I opt-in to OST in a standard shipping template where I have also enabled Shipping settings automation?

No, Optimized seller-set transit is only applicable to manual standard shipping templates where shipping settings automation is not enabled.

How can I disable OST?

The Optimized seller-set transit will apply by default on your new standard shipping templates. You can disable OST any time by turning off the toggle button on ‘Optimized seller-set transit' settings on your respective standard shipping template.

Once I disable OST toggle, can I enable it again?

Yes, you can enable this feature anytime by turning on the toggle button on ‘Optimized seller-set transit' settings on your standard shipping templates.

Will there be an impact on handling time if I enable OST?

There will be no impact to the handling time because 'Optimized seller-set transit' settings in your shipping only impacts the transit time.

Note: Customer’s delivery promise is a combination of handling time and transit time. By reducing your handling time, you can offer faster delivery promise to your customers.

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