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Each sellable unit must be able to pass a drop test consisting of the following: Items must be able to be dropped three successive times from a height of 125 cm onto a concrete surface, once on the top, once on the corner and once on either the side or the bottom. A single item must survive a single test (three drops). If the container does not leak, it passes the test. Damage to the container is acceptable.

The product must not contain hazardous materials.

Paints will only be accepted if the following preparation steps have been carried out:

  1. Securing lids
  2. Bagging
  3. Boxing
  4. Labelling

Securing Lids

We recommend you to adopt one of the following solutions to secure the lid:

  • Metal tins should be clipped, with the clips evenly spaced around the lid.
  • Plastic tubs should be taped across the lid of the tub and down the side of the tub with heavy duty packaging tape or reinforced tape (duct tape/gaffer tape).

Clips and tape should be applied considering the paint volume as below:

Volume of liquid 0 - 0.75L 1L 2L 2.5L 5L
Metal tins - Clips required on lid 2 3 4 5 6
Plastic tub - Pieces of tape on lid 1 2 2 3 4

Example of a clipped lid
Example of a taped lid


All tins/tubs should be supplied in a loose-fit heat sealed plastic bag so that, if the tin/tub does leak, the contents are contained and no damage will be caused to other items.

Example of bagging


Once bagged, the tin/tub should be boxed individually in a simple wall-corrugated box (3ply), which should be large enough to allow 50mm of space on all sides of the tin/tub (25mm for tins under 2L). This space should then be fully filled with dunnage to cushion the tin/tub if dropped during transit.

Boxes can be made to suspend the tin centrally inside the box. For tins over 2L, the empty space in the box would need to be filled with dunnage.

Example of boxing


The boxes need to be barcoded with the barcode of the product inside and should have a label applied to highlight the correct orientation of the box and to indicate that it should be handled with care.

Example of “Handle with care” and orientation labels
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