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Amazon Coupon Terms and Conditions

Coupons Program Terms

The Coupon Program terms supplement your seller agreement, the AMAZON PAYMENTS – SELLING ON AMAZON USER AGREEMENT and the Amazon Services Europe Business Solutions Agreement.


Acceptance is required to participate in the Coupons Program. By submitting a coupon, you accept the Coupons Program terms.

The Coupons Program

The Coupons Program helps eligible sellers create and manage digital coupon offers for Amazon customers.

Program Requirements

To participate in the Coupons Program, you must: (i) have a Professional seller account, (ii) maintain your account in good standing and (iii) comply with any applicable laws and regulations of any relevant jurisdiction.

You are responsible for fully funding all of the Coupons discounts you offer. Coupon discounts will be created and administered according to the terms you provide to us by the means we specify.

Any coupon budget you provide to us through the Program is for planning purposes only and it may happen that the budget increases.

We automatically take your coupon offline from the website when the budget is 80% used, in order to avoid that the coupon is clipped by further customers. This might result in a higher budget than initially expected as a customer who had already collected your coupon, before its removal from the website, will still be able to redeem the coupon until its originally scheduled Expiry date, regardless of the fact that you have cancelled it before its Expiry date or that we have removed it, because the 80% of the budget has been reached.

We then allocate the remaining 20% to cover for redemption of customers who have already collected the coupon and that redeem it before its Expiry date. In cases where 20% of your budget doesn't cover for the actual customer redeems until the Expiry date, you might see your actual spend at your expenses exceeding the budget you had initially scheduled.

We will calculate the total amount of the fees at your expense and the obligations on you towards customers based on the actual use of the coupons by the customers.

You can cancel your coupon at any time. Cancellations might not be immediate because customers who have already clipped your coupon before cancellation will be allowed to check out with those coupons for approximately 2 hours.

Additional Terms

We may cancel any Coupon you create and suspend or terminate any feature of the Coupons Program at any time at our discretion.

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