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Brexit FBA inventory storage limits FAQ

How will FBA inventory storage limits change as a result of Brexit?

  • During the transitional period between the announcement of the next-period limits and when those limits take effect, you will have one set of limits covering the UK and Europe for the current period, and two sets of limits covering the UK separately from Europe for the next period.
  • For storage limits taking effect on or after January 1, 2021, you will get one set of storage limits in each storage type covering UK inventory, and a second set of storage limits covering inventory across EU (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, and the Netherlands). Previously, there was one set of storage limits that applied across the UK and Europe.

How can I find out my storage limits?

What FBA storage limits will I see in Seller Central after the changes go into effect?

When you sign in to a marketplace on Seller Central, you will see the storage limits that apply to that marketplace. For example, if you are signed in to your seller account for the UK marketplace, then you will see the storage limits for the UK. If you are signed in to the Germany, France, Italy, Spain, or the Netherlands marketplace, then you will see the storage limits that apply across Europe.

How do I determine my current inventory usage in Europe or the UK?

  • Refer to Storage Volume for current usage.
  • For limits that went into effect before January 1, 2021, the usage for Europe and the UK will still be combined. For your subsequent period and beyond, you will see your current storage limits split between the UK and Europe when you sign in to the respective marketplace account.

Will I receive separate IPI scores for the UK and Europe?

No. The UK and Europe will share the same IPI score until further notice.

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