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Acceptable bank accounts and payment service providers

To improve our ability to identify and prevent bad actors so that we can continue to protect customers and sellers against fraud and abuse, we limit the types of accounts that we accept for the disbursement of Amazon store sales proceeds. You may either receive your sales proceeds to a bank account directly issued to you by a deposit-taking bank or to a bank account issued by a Payment Service Provider (“PSP”) that participates in Amazon’s Payment Service Provider Program (the ”Program”). The requirements above apply both when you choose to receive direct disbursement and when you receive disbursements through the Amazon Currency Converter for sellers program.

Payment Service Provider Program

If you choose to use a PSP to receive your funds, Amazon will only accept bank accounts managed by PSPs that participate in the Program (a “Participating PSP”). See this page for the current list of Participating PSPs and information about how to sign up for a Participating PSP.

If you use a PSP that does not participate in the Program, we will notify you and you will be required to switch to either a Participating PSP or a bank account directly issued to you by a deposit-taking bank. We may hold further disbursements until you change your disbursement method accordingly. You can change your bank account information on the Deposit methods page.

Amazon shares with Participating PSPs the PSP account number you provided to us and information about your Amazon selling account in order to verify that your bank account is issued by a Participating PSP, and to protect against fraud and abuse. Participating PSPs also share with Amazon information about your identity and your PSP account. If your selling on Amazon account is deactivated or terminated due to abuse, fraud or illegal activity, Amazon will receive additional information about your PSP account, including limited transaction information. Amazon uses information provided by Participating PSPs only to identify and take actions against individuals who engage in abuse, fraud, or other illegal activity. You agree to release Amazon Payments Europe and Amazon Payments UK from their respective professional secrecy and confidentiality obligations in connection with our sharing of information with your PSP as described above. For more information about how Amazon handles your personal information, see the Amazon Payments Europe Privacy Notice.

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