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Ship from China with Buy Shipping


With Buy Shipping you can purchase your shipping labels through Seller Central with supported carriers. Sellers who purchase their labels through Buy Shipping will enjoy all the same benefits offered through Buy Shipping as Sellers who are shipping domestically, such as ensuring their shipment will meet the delivery promise to the customer, automatic order confirmation and tracking, safeguards against performance metrics such as valid tracking rate, and protection from negative customer feedback.

Eligibility Requirements

Sellers must have a warehouse in the coverage area of the available carriers. All currently active Sellers who have a warehouse within one of the carrier coverage areas are eligible to purchase shipping through Buy Shipping.

Available Carriers

The carriers currently offered on Buy Shipping to fulfill orders from China are:

For more information on how to use each carriers services please refer to the individual carriers help page.

How do I buy labels?

Shipping labels for orders fulfilled from China can currently be purchased either by selecting the Buy Shipping button on each order or via the MWS API. Please refer to the MWS API documentation for details on how to integrate with the MWS API and purchase shipping labels from China carriers. Purchasing shipping for orders fulfilled from China is not currently available through the Bulk Buy Shipping option.

To purchase a shipping label in Seller Central follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings, and select Account Info
  2. Under the Shipping and Returns Information section, click Buy Delivery Preferences
  3. If your China warehouse is already listed under Manage your dispatch-from locations then click Edit, if it is not already listed, click + Add new address. Please add a standard package size and save it, then you will be able to add a new address. Or if you don't want to add a standard package size, click Cancel to skip this step and then you can add a new address. If you have multiple addresses, you may add as many addresses as you like.
  4. The availability of China Carriers in Buy Shipping will depend on the City and State being entered accurately (refer to the Available Carriers section above and each carrier’s coverage on their detailed help page). Enter Pinyin (or Latin) characters in the fields of city and state. For State, enter the province where your warehouse is located, and for City, enter your City.
  5. If you would like to enter your standard package dimensions you may do so under Preferences for all dispatch-from locations > Package Types
  6. Go to Orders, and select Manage Orders
  7. Next to one of your orders, click on Buy Shipping
  8. In the Dispatch from drop-down menu, select the address for your warehouse in China
  9. Provide the other required information as instructed on the screen
  10. Choose one of the shipping options available
  11. You will be required to provide specific information required for the carrier operations and the customs forms, this information includes at a minimum:
    • Your address in Chinese characters
    • The description of the item in Chinese characters

Available Carriers

Amazon policy requires international sellers to ensure that the customer does not have to pay duties in order to receive the item. To ensure the Customers do not have to pay duties upon receipt of the item and ensure that you are compliant with this policy when fulfilling, any products that will require the customer to pay duties upon receipt will be filtered out if the value of the item exceeds the duties threshold for the destination country. Currently, Buy Shipping only offers shipping services for items that are below the duty threshold. For orders above the threshold, you will need to ship your orders through other channels to ensure the Customer is not liable for duties.

Terms and Conditions

When you purchase a shipment label through Buy Shipping, you purchase the label directly from the carrier and agree to the carrier's terms and conditions. Each carrier's terms and conditions can be found on their respective help pages.

Ship from China with Buy Shipping

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