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Customer Reviews on the Brand Dashboard

Note: This feature is only available to sellers who own a brand. This seller must be internal to the brand and responsible for selling the brand in the Amazon store. If you do not have access to this feature, you have not been identified as a brand owner. Visit the Brand Benefit Eligibility page to identify as brand owner and gain access to Customer Reviews and your other brand-exclusive benefits.

The Customer Reviews page on the Brand Dashboard provides brands with an easy way to keep track of all the new customer reviews on their brand’s products. Monitoring customer sentiment can be important to identify and correct product or listings defects, detecting and reporting abuse, or commenting on customer reviews. Before using this feature, we recommend studying our answers to frequently asked questions about customer reviews.

Data Retention

Reviews data is published on the Customer Reviews page within 24 hours of when the review is published on the product detail page and they are retained for 30 days.

Mark as Done

Brands can use the check box in the top left corner to mark as done which will remove the review from the default view. To view reviews that are marked as done within the 30-day retention window, toggle the include marked as done filter and uncheck to restore the review.

Commenting on a Review

Use the comment icon in the top right corner of the review to comment on the review from Seller Central. Please ensure your post conforms with our customer discussion guidelines.

How to report abuse?

If you discover a review that doesn’t conform to our customer review policies or our customer review creation guidelines, you can report abuse from the product detail page. To report abuse, click the Report abuse from detail page link under the review in the Brand Dashboard (this will take you to the review on the customer facing detail page) and click the Report abuse link which will pop-up a confirmation box where you will click Report. We will remove any review that violates our policies in which case it will also be removed from the Customer Reviews page in the Brand Dashboard. Brands with a pattern of improperly reporting reviews as abusive will have their access to the Brand Dashboard revoked.

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About Contact Customer

Customers feel more connected to brands that offer direct one-on-one interaction, especially for post order support. Contact Customer tool empowers brand owners to engage with customers directly over email channel by responding to their critical customer reviews (1-star or 3-star review).


For a brand owner to qualify for the Contact Customer feature they must have their brand(s) registered and associated to a Professional Seller Central account in good standing. The account will need to have the "Brand Representative" role assigned from Brand Registry. Brand owner is also required to be seller of record for the order associated with review.


Step 1: Navigate to Customer Review

Navigate to Customer Review on the Brands dashboard.

Step 2: Filter

Brands can filter the customer reviews by Star rating (1-star or 5-star review), Brand (applicable only when the brand owner is a "Brand Representative" for multiple brands), or Time Period using the filters on the left navigation bar.

Step 3: Contact Customer

If the brand owner is the seller of record on a transaction that resulted in a critical review they will see the option Contact Customer on the top right of the critical review.

After clicking Contact Customer, the brand owner will be presented with two options:

  1. Courtesy Refund: Offer full refund
  2. Customer Support: Check with customer for additional details on order

Step 4: Contact reason selection

If the brand owner selects Courtesy Refund, an automated email will be generated offering a full refund to the customer.

If the brand owner needs to gather additional information before they can help the customer, use contact reason Customer Support. An automated email is generated seeking customer’s permission to be contacted via the Buyer-Seller messaging.

Click Send.

Note: Email templates cannot be customized or modified.

Step 5: Customer receives brand message

Customers will be able to view the message within the Message center in the Your Account page. When a customer replies to the brand owner’s message, a buyer-seller message will be generated in Seller Central within the Messages page.


The Customer Reviews drop down is not showing up, what do I do?

If the "Customer Reviews" drop down does not appear, the Admin user should review user permissions (Settings User Permissions) and ensure that "View and Edit" permissions for "Customer Reviews" are available under the Advertising header. The user will need to sign-out and the sign back in Seller Central.

If the "Customer Reviews" option still does not show up, submit a case rom the Brand Registry Administrator account requesting "Brand Representative" access for the primary or administrator email.

Why can't I reply to all critical reviews?

Brand owner will be able to contact the customer who placed the order in the last year, including where it was sold. If the brand owner does not qualify for these instances, they will see "Unable to contact customer" instead of "Contact Customer." We require the review be linked to verified purchases.

Is there a communication guideline for brands to engage with customers?

Brand must adhere to the communication guidelines in Seller Central. Brands must not attempt to influence customers’ ratings, feedback, and reviews, such as requesting that negative reviews be removed or positive reviews be posted.

Customer Reviews on the Brand Dashboard

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