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How to set up efficient budgets

An efficient budget covers the cost of the customer demand that your coupon generates, for the duration that you set. For example, if a product is selling an average of 20 units per day without a coupon, and you want to run a 5€ off coupon for 10 days for this product, the minimum budget you set should be: (number of days x number of average daily units) x (discount amount). In this example (10 x 20) x (5) = 1,000€ should be your minimum budget.

Avoid creating low budgets (less than €100) for deep discount coupons such as 80% off or €35 off. Low budgets for high discounts will cause your budget to expire rapidly in a couple of hours. As a result, only a handful of customers will be able to see and interact with your coupon.

If 80% of your coupon budget is redeemed before the coupon`s expiration date, we remove the coupon from the website, so that it is no longer visible to customers. Customers who clipped the coupon before its removal from the website, will still be able to redeem the coupon until the expiry date.

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