Oohhh new forum design coming


What they need is a focus group. One where participating sellers are offered some incentive. One that follows the focus group portfolio. One that is well prepared, well chaired, well facilitated. But for that they need to leave egos at the gates and really need to be committed. Having experienced and known and battled with the management, i shan’t be holding my breath. i think the forum is productive enough and empowering too.


Well .com is now…

+Internal Error+
+The website is having a technical problem, please try again.+


Sadly, yes, some people do! It is usually a good way of deciding that they know nothing that will be of help to you. And beware of anything that’s being “improved”: “Improvement means deterioration” (Hutber’s Law, for those like me who are old enough to remember that Daily Telegraph business journalist)


Instead of a redesign I’d rather see Amazon actually engage with sellers like they used to do. The return of the Eureka forum and a real desire to actually make it work wounldn’t be a bad idea either.

Ignoring HUGE threads on major problems is an utter disgrace and shows a total lack of appreciation for sellers.

Sadly I think the redesign will just be another wasted opportunity.


ok, just had a look at .com

interesting. Not sure on the reason for the circles for the last 5 posters. And I’ve never been a big fan of sidebar animations - it’s a modern day ‘blink’ command sure to annoy people after the novelty wears off.


They have taken away the ability to ‘neg’ posts… and you can see who has ‘liked’ the posts.

Guess it was too ‘controversial’ to have the ability to see the ‘neggers’…LOL


ummm, they must be rolling out in batches. It looks the same to me.


Methinks you should have gone to Spec savers



Dear God, that is bloody appalling.

I won’t be inflicting that on myself whenever I can avoid it which I suspect is probably the intent behind the dreadful “redesign”.

It’s the death of the forum if you ask me.


Yep, just awful, great shame, why can’t they leave it as it is.


You must not be looking at the right thing. Change the URL in this link to .com:

I’m not linking offsite because they toss bans around for that so even though it’s to another Amazon I don’t want to risk it.


Hello! Welcome to the new Seller forums!
You will notice a new design, as well as new features and functionality to help you stay connected with other Sellers and learn about Selling on Amazon. We will continue to make updates and improvements in the coming weeks as we hear from you! Check out our FAQ’s below to learn more!

What happened to my previous account and posts? Do I need to make any updates?
• Your account and all historical posts remain intact. We do recommend you take the time to update your user account settings based on our newest features.

What are some of the newest features and changes I should know about?
• You can now access Seller forums via mobile
• You can now select both a display name and a username for your account, which you can change at any time. Keep in mind that if you change your username, all of your historical posts will follow you and stay connected to the new username, however historical mentions from other users will no longer function.
• You now have more customization of your account, including custom Avatars, display name and username, ability to bookmark and follow certain categories and topics, and improvements to email subscriptions regarding categories and topics you find relevant.
• We have made updates to how discussions work and are displayed, like automatically expanded URLs to show landing pages inline of the discussion, and ability to post rendered images within the discussion (no more attachments). Conversations are now displayed on one page with scrolling, so you do not have to click “next” for every new page of conversation.
• You may be used to marking posts as helpful or not, but you can now use the “like” feature.
• If you are looking for a specific discussion, our new search features let you filter by custom dates, categories, topics, minimum replies, or if it has been read or liked from a specific user.
• More updates and changes are to come soon, so keep an eye out for updates here.

Where can I give my feedback or suggestions?
• We would love to hear from you. Please add your comments to our Site Feedback Category.

Thank you!


“not look like some ageing chat-room”

There’s little chance of that. It hasn’t been allowed to be anything of a chat room since they culled Prospero.


The USA seller forums are already changed and they look terrible in my opinion:(


If its like the US one I like it. The facility to neg seems to have gone which should make the board lightweights happy.

Its a format many sites seem to be adopting, I guess Amazon want to appear ‘with it’ too and not look like some ageing chat-room.


I said +look like+ as in how it appears on your screen. i.e. dated


I wonder if their foray into healthcare will crash on the first day.


Actually, being able to see the neggers would be no bad thing. It would deter those who neg without good reason but when a post really deserves a neg, it would allow the poster to see the strength of feeling from real people.

By the way, why can’t we mark comments on this thread as helpful or unhelpful? Or is it just a problem at this end?


It’s not been set-up as a question by the OP.


I imagine the ones who do nothing but neg will be sobbing into their cornflakes this morning!