Seller Central-Seller Forums no longer linked?


It’s the case on the Amazon USA Seller Forum. They seem to ignore just the European ones.


Hi @La-li-lu-le-lo

Thanks for your post, apologies for not posting on this until now.

I highlighted the issue to the technical team on Monday and they advised the issue should have been resolved on Tuesday.
Can you please let me know if you are still experiencing difficulties and I can update them?



Hi Jessica - nice to hear from you on the forums again. Today was the first time I haven’t had to enter the OTP to get onto the forums from my seller account, so hopefully all linked up again.


I agree, it definitely appears to be fixed.


As one of the very few [UK] forum users to have been awarded the “Devotee” badge that must be a relief :laughing:


Hi Janet!

It is good to be back! :slight_smile:
Thanks for the the update, glad to hear that the issue is fixed. Let me know if it occurs again, fingers crossed it won’t.



Good afternoon Jessica,

First of all, thanks for getting back to me (and other fellow sellers, too). It has been fixed, as I checked yesterday (no need to use 2FA to access my Seller Forums account: all linked up fine, today as well).
If it might happen again (hopefully not) will update you as soon as I can.

Thanks for your kind reply (and apologies for my off-topic, now removed, post in the “How do others sell restricted products” thread).

Have a good day!

Kind Regards,


Issue is fixed, at least for me.


Wow, that’s dedication :smiley:


Uh oh. Guess that’s a “Yay!”.
Too much forum time :slight_smile:

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