Oohhh new forum design coming


And they have limited the like you can place WTF. And changed it to facebook. Don’t like it nothing wrong with the old one.


Couldn’t even load the forum with Firefox as I always have done before, I had to go to Chrome instead.
Have you noticed that one of the 3 forum “Leaders” is actually a bot?


And have you looked under
Suggested Topics at the bottom of the page top one from December 14.
So lots of old threads appearing here soon.


Got to say this is a terrible redesign. Like others I will be avoiding using or looking at it in the future unless I am desperate.

Typical Amazon. The old forum worked perfectly. Yet they don’t seem to be able to leave things alone. Always having to modify and change things even when it adds nothing to the user experience.


well I guess the new forum is better than reading the paper. Just got to remember to take my tablet with me :slight_smile:


Couldn’t agree more. Why couldn’t they use the time and effort to fix things that actually NEED fixing to make the site work properly??

Suggested Topics has brought up threads dating back to 2013, wtf is that all about??


We used to have our own website hosted on EKM, clearly much much smaller than the mighty Amazon, however they kept on messing up things with one botched ‘improvement’ after another which led to an awful lot of criticism on their forums.

Eventually they modified and improved the forums until they improved their critics off them. I wonder if thats where this is leading?

I share your opinion on the September departure.


I have been using this redesigned forum for a week now (on the US Amazon),… it is not so bad.

But on the USA seller forum all the main posters decided to leave because of the change so I hope that it will not happen here.

The old forums were perfect, no redesign was needed.


And keep taking the tablets, of course :o)


Apparently, we can get a yellow card and sent to the “sin bin” for a short time for breaking the rules and arguing with other posters


That’ll please the “ex-neggers” give them something to aim for and keep them happy!


That sums this new layout superbly :smiley:



Where do I view forum leaders?


Click the 3 bars at the top right of this page, then select “Badges” and scroll down to the bottom of the list


Hi, I’m not a real person. I’m a bot that can teach you about this site. To interact with me, send me a message or mention @discobot anywhere.


Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges!


What about badgers? I think I’d prefer them.


I appear to be collecting them this morning as if they might go out of style at any moment.

If only sales were so easy…


At first glance the new forum looks quite clean and bright but on the second or third glance it appears a bit confused and murky.

If it’s a business oriented forum for sellers (as it’s supposed to be) why is it full of childish gimmicks and irritatingly top-heavy pop-ups and other annoying scripts?

It appears that I have won my
First Onebox’ {whatever that is:}

This badge is granted the first time you post a link on a line by itself, which was then automatically expanded into a onebox with a brief summary of the link, a title, and (when available) a picture

That is followed by the names of dozens of posters from forums across all Amazon countries, none of whom are familiar!

Very useful and not at all a pointless distraction… :frowning:

I see the forum is still open to public view and does not require an Amazon account of any sort to read posts.


I just had a look at the ‘badges’ link.

It appears to be aimed at 9 year olds.

The preview panel and composing tools are an improvement on the old forum but that’s mainly because the old one never worked properly.


It’s working ok in Firefox for me, but I still don’t like it.

(Big Brother is currently telling me not to write so many posts in this thread…)