The new forum started today


Absolutely horrible looking new forum.
Difficult to navigate and find what your looking for.
Anemic was good description for the way they look now.

The old version was simple, clear and easy to understand.
What is the point of updating something like this, when there are so many other problems that need fixing first. Especially as those problems effect sales!
Utter waste of time an effort.

I’ve no doubt that I’ll get used to it, but it really has been wasted!


load of rubbish if it aint broke dont fix it


I like the new forum. Give it time, it will grow on you. I have used this software on other forums so I am used to it.

I don;t know what system the old forum used, but guessing that because this is open source software, Amazon won’t have much to do with it’s programming and maintenance. Also guessing (no idea really) that they will have differeent teams, so the people of work and maintain the forum software will not be the same as thosein Seller Central for example.

Making a change with a forum is infinitley more easy than a change in Seller Central, or the main website. So just because there are issues on one system does not mean they cannot develop another

On our own website for example I could install a new forum system in a few hours. But making a change to the ecommerce aspect of the site could take days or weeks, or months as it is much more specific and a small error could cost a lot of money to sort out (never mind lost sales)


Would be better if it actually worked. Every time I post I get gateway error and have to submit it again.


@Adrian … Can’t do it there either … regardless of what some people want to believe.

I’ve been here before but don’t check in very often.


Shame, you should contribute over here, because your info on .com usually seems spot on.
I was rather hoping Cabin fever might pop over too :… :kaaba:


It may well be the case that it’s easier to make the change for a forum and will (not probably), be a separate team that designs and implements. But the point is, it still costs money and that same team would be far better fixing something that NEEDS to be fixed. Not making cosmetic changes to a rather unimportant part of Amazon, that was fully functional before the change.

Amazon as whole, is geared towards making money! i.e. the part of the site that sells things is by far THE most important aspect of the whole site! So that is where there efforts should be concentrated and not on a forum, that was doing the job ok, with no major issues!

A complete waste of time, money and effort!


I think my point is that one does not preculde the other. As they will be separate teams with separate budgets and those staff still need to be employed. I think along the lines of other businesses. The lift may be broken in a hotel, but all other maintenenance is not stopped until the lift is fixed.The gardeners still work. The local swimming baths needs a new tile floor. That will take months to organise, manage, budget for, but the front foyer can still be painted.


I could not access the forum via IE, had to use Chrome.
This is ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. Unclear, too busy, and I will not be back, which is a shame as the forums are a way of finding out what is going on.


Me too Jilly re accessing the forum - this new forum doesn’t allow IE - I too have to use Chrome.


The more I try this forum, the less I like it.

It might have a ‘prettier’ interface than the old one, but the navigation is just a mess.

Just wanted to add that my old bookmarked forum link isn’t making navigation any easier.

This link seems to be a better bet:


Yes, it seems you are right.

Is this really the best Amazon can do?

I can’t stand infinite scrolling but it seems to be the latest trend.


No need to scroll…
Just click on the number/letter combination at the side which states the last post and you will be taken straight there

2h or 3m or whatever


Thanks, I worked that out a while ago but it’s not much use if you are trying to find posts that you know are buried somewhere in the middle of a very long thread.

Hopefully the search engine on this forum will prove more effective than the (frankly useless) old one.

Another silly annoyance - when you come to this forum without already being logged in to your seller account, you are faced with this:

Hey there! :heart_eyes: Looks like you’re enjoying the discussion, but you’re not signed up for an account.

When you create an account, we remember exactly what you’ve read, so you always come right back where you left off. You also get notifications, here and via email, whenever new posts are made. And you can like posts to share the love. :heartbeat:

How annoying is that!? :roll_eyes:


I agree, I can not find my way around the Forum, This used to be a really useful tool now it is hopeless, Have given up even trying to cope with it, A pointless change from something that worked easily to something very complicated.


I agree, navigation is hopeless.

The old forum was far from perfect, but it was much easier to get a quick overview of recent posts across all categories.

Even the old Prospero forum, as basic as it was, was much easier to navigate than this one.

With this forum, I take a glance at the ‘latest’ posts link, thinking I’ve seen everything, then realise I’m still missing unread threads and posts.

Other forums I use are far more intuitive and easy to navigate.

I’ve a feeling a lot of the regulars and old timers will leave in frustration (if they haven’t already) and this forum will die on its feet.

I will acknowledge though that the composition tools are superior.

I haven’t yet made my mind up regarding the search engine but the suggestions panel is a pointless waste of space


please get rid off it, its crap and very confusing


exactly, can the designer of this new forum count all the negative comments on this new forum and give us the old one back? Or try to explain the purposes and how to use it fast and efficiently?


It’s far from perfect, still work to do to improve it but I for one is happy to see the back of the old forum which was rubbish. I’m sure I’m not the only one.


It is ok. I would have liked well defined lines, clarity for the forum, boldness in its looks. This looks like a blank piece of paper. Very amateurish