The new forum started today


What a godawful place this site has become.
I don’t think I’ll be back so yet again another bouquet to Amazon - wrong effort, wrong place.


Binnie, click on your avatar on top right of screen to get your Messages (and other options).


Thank you, I’m all confused (doesn’t take much), must have been another shock of Amazons ridiculous rules about FREE returns


Where have my old ones gone, I wanted to reply to someone from the other day


Would they be in Archive?


No it says there is nothing there :frowning:


Hi Binnie,

When you click on the icon to the top right of the page next to the 3 lines it should open on your activity and display your past posts. Sorry forgot to add you need to click your name to see them.




Was nothing wrong with the old one, easy to navigate and clear to read, stop wasting your time fixing stuff thats not broken and fix all of the seller related issues


Hi Jessica

I have looked there and it says no messages in archived


It’s not the posts I am meaning, it’s my private messages to other users


Oh my apologies for misunderstanding. Unfortunately the private messages did not carry over from the old forum. Hopefully the person will message you back.

Sorry there is nothing I can for you on this one.



Soon after the birth of the internet and ‘websites’, smart developers coined the idea that a surfer should find what they want on a site with no more than 3 clicks. It was good advice then and is now.

Human beings are inherently lazy. It is one reason the species still exists.
Yes we want beautiful things, pleasing to the eye, but most need to be useful and ‘easily’ used.

If necessity is the mother of invention then “Easy” has to be the father. Why else do we have Automatic washing machines, Automatic Cars, never mind the Self Drive ones being developed currently? We want everything done easier, as well as quicker and better.
Every year Car Manufacturers spend millions trying to design the best possible looking vehicle, but all the while they are restrained by the need to make it “easier”. It has to be easier to live with.

Amazon have lost sight of this and on every count of “building a new model” they have got it so very wrong.


They have got a lot wrong have Amazon. I am fuming today with more new things they are bringing out.
The rich get richer the poor get poorer.


This is not Amazon software. I think it is open source software


We’ve had this thing since last week in the US … and was able to get a few things fixed before they went world wide with it.

Here’s just one of out ongoing threads :

Also as posted above this version of the forums is using a modified Discourse software … where the last version was based on outdated 20 yr old software.

While it takes getting use to there are so good things about it …



Welcome to the UK forum
Your “Leader” status doesn’t extend to our side of the pond does it?:earth_americas:
Can’t have you editing and deleting our posts, or banning any of us…:rofl:


Hear hear.

Apparently a post now has to be at least twenty characters long, so you can’t just say “hear hear” or “I agree” or whatever, you have to use the ‘like’ button. Nothing about if you’ve run out of likes, perhaps nobody thought of that one.



What’s the point of changing the forum when there are so many more important issues to correct?

Edited to say what is a Blockquote


You used to click on the speechmark symbol in order to quote from a post but doing that now results in


So copying and pasting seems the only option to show the text that you want to quote from a previous post.


Just select the text you want to quote before hitting the reply button