The new forum started today


I hate it, it is just so complicated and mind boggling to follow, why the heck didn’t Amazon leave things alone, most of us knew what was what, we could have a good moan at what others had said, we could even agree with most people, now it has become a load of old tosh and most of the time you can’t even go back to any advice like you used to be able to, come on Amazon, just for once sort yourselves out and do the right thing and ffs, stop messing around with the platform it is so annoying and confusing for us oldies who have technological morons, for me the new forum is rubbish, I can’t say the real words but I think you all get my drift, if you know the name of the man who invented the flush toilet then you will know what I think of it.


This is supposed to be the feedback forum.

Is anyone from Amazon actually looking at it?

There are serious issues I’d like to raise here but it seems a bit pointless airing them if no one in charge is going to respond or take note.


exactly; absolutely useless…


Why mess with success?
The old forum worked well with me.
What are the advantages of the new one?
Can somebody tell me?


success was relative anyway, so few people taking part in the former forum…But now even fewer because they are discouraged by this non friendly forum and the absolute uselessness of criticisms, advices, propositions of improvement . The site doesn’t care and is slowly getting a very bad reputation , not only among marketplace sellers but more and more would be clients find it difficult to use it, to choose among all the “exotic” copies , bad quality items etc… Food market and health insurance are said to be the chosen future for amazon, why care for the "old " site? They built their fortune with it, with our help, they get rid of all that now.


Hi Binnie,

The forum team are working on this and your old private messages should now be available to you.




do the forum team read our messages on this feedback? we wonder as we never get ANY answer ? Who reads the feedback? What was it created for ?


Well, the post right above yours is from an Amazon representative so they do read them.

What we don’t get is enough responses from them.

It’s a shame as having some responses would prevent much of the moaning from people.

I, for one, would like them to say that the old forum is not coming back (which it isn’t) so that those people complaining can accept the change, like it or not, and move on.


exactly and it was the first time “they” appeared on this forum…that’s why I posted before they disappear…too late maybe! We would accept the change if it was corrected and improved! just like all other problems on the site but it’s obviously hopeless!



Thanks for these suggestions. i have passed them onto the team for them to review. I don’t know if any changes will be made but if I receive an update from them I will let you know.





The forum team do read the feedback and the moderators also pass on the comments left however we are unable to provide answers to you on the suggestions and feedback unless we are informed by the team.

@NoOneToldMeIHadTo I can confirm that the old forum will not be coming back.



Hi Jessics.

What I also meant to ask was this: is this feedback section purely for feedback on the forum itself or is it also intended for feedback regarding selling on Amazon in general?

One of the things I wanted to draw Amazon’s attention to is the apparent loss of the ‘sell on Amazon’ search link which was always useful for quickly checking ISBNs/EANs against titles.

The link stopped working about the same time this forum appeared:


Sick of this forum already - keep looking for the “added value” by this “updated” forum
Can’t find it.

Guess it is hidden behind all the “Suggested Posts/Threads” information splashed all over which recommend unread posts from 2013 and 2014 ! ! !


AND EVEN HARDER TO ANSWER TO SOME COLLEAGUE SELLER : page offered: impossible to open that page… so, eventually: all communication blocked: number 1 blocked: put a new answer, number 2 blocked: anwer to a fine colleague seller who reacted to your commentary. number 3 blocked : difficult to scrolle find a topic i was interested in : would disappear in three months time they say? NO , disappear immediately (again impossible to discuss answer, what ever: no communication … very ancient topics appear if you need to read the recent ones: me french read you (I am very pleased to read you, this is not the problem, if i could answer to my french colleagues, would be nice, I love reading you this european ouverture is fine, this is maybe my only + in this chaotic forum. thank you, i am sure i won’t be able to open your reaction to this, chaotic it is…really


happyreader ici tu es sur le feedback du nouveau site, ce n’est pas ce que tu veux. Va chercher dans la colonne de gauche le seller forum pour échanger en français avec les autres vendeurs comme avant . et tu déroules et regardes les dates à droite, c’est en bas que tu as les plus récents . Mais il ne reste plus grand monde sur le nouveau forum!


Not so good because it is not do much mobile friendly.
And at the same time every seller is not well versed with the new technology which will again slow down their services.

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