Wonder if they could make use of the REPLY button mandatory? - would help avoid arguments caused by a writer expecting everyone to know EXACTLY who they are replying to


Ok Rugs - I appreciate your advice which makes sense. So testing this using the Quote from your post hours ago.


Well, it seems you’re right, the quote makes it work differently! Different rule.

But I guess it’s supposed to do this because as you quoted the relevant text, there is no need to refer to the previous post.


… and that test appears to prove that the Quote option fails to provide a link to the post I quotes from. Of course with a quote it is obvious who I replied to and I notice there is an Up arrow to go to it. Complex, unwarranted but it works.


So … the only issue now appears to be with those posters who use the big blue Reply button at the bottom to reply to a post, either one which is 3 or 4 posts back or one where the poster takes so long to write that there are a handful of posts appear in between.

Which brings me back to my original point - it would be best to get rid of the Big Blue Button so that everyone had to use a Post Reply - even it is the OPs original.


I don’t personally have an issue but if you want to convince the forum mods and forum providers that your way is best, that would be fine.


Thank you for your permission - or sorry if I have misinterpreted the feeling behind your reply.:rofl:

Perhaps you will better understand my point when next you read a thread where posters are all a little heated with each other cause no one quite understands who was saying what to whom or why ?

Simplicity is the key !


Better way is to just ignore what’s inconvenient than stir it up demanding who is replying to whom. Who cares who is responding to whom. Really?! I just respond as it suits me whether it is directed to me or anyone else.


:laughing:That explains a lot Pearl ! :wink:


Sorry, couldn’t resist [:grin: ], but it shows the quote function is easy to manipulate even when using the direct ‘reply’ and ‘quote’ functions.


I still haven’t been able to quite put my finger on it, but there’s something about this forum that is profoundly counterintuitive.

Maybe it’s just a bit too clever for its own good.
Style over substance seems to be the current vogue.


Agree absolutely 100% -
as I said earlier - but can’t quite find it now :wink:

Simplicity is the key.
(someone advised Amazon just that, but after some chinese whispers they went out and hired the SS staff ! ! :rofl:


I actually quite like the style. It is white, without borders and those regular drab features you would find on forum. I am warming up to it. I don’t want to see any changes.

However I would like to see some input, assistance. guidance from the moderators or seller support. They need to really need to do some work! You get paid and don’t do justice to the job is just plain BAD form. I can see several grievances and not an utter from the seller support. It demonstrates how dumped down the seller support has become on multiple levels. If you look at US website they have seller support actively involved and having great fun even. If it were me in seller support shoes appointed to look after forum, I couldn’t walk past without offering some advise or guidance for seller support in trouble.


exactly! but they will answer this is not their job…they answer (try to )the sellers who contact them directly but not on the forum, they are posted abroad and often have some problems to handle the ceaseless changes in amazon rules, and even to understand our language…no connection with the moderators (who are supposed to moderate the forum, surely a part time job ?) or performance service operators (and the robot there of course ). They have no real power ,little information to give and probably get paid accordingly. so don’t expect advice or guidance .

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