Oohhh new forum design coming


My first impression was an Internal Error page.

+The website is having a technical problem, please try again.+



The .com forum appears to be back up…
Yes, it seems to be squarely aimed at the facebook generation and with phones/tablets in mind.

Functionality appears to have gone out the window though if the ‘neg’ buttons disappear, that will be a partial improvement (can you do ‘unlikes’?)


>and you can see who has ‘liked’ the posts.

A la FaceBook then ? :slight_smile:


Yes I got that too…

Why is it that everything Amazon touches instantly goes wrong?

The Amazon ‘go’ store…

And now this… ALL within 7 months!!!

Here’s tip Amazon, before releasing any major changes… test, test, and test agin. Why not give it a go, then you won’t keep making fools of yourselves and looking like a bunch of total incompetents.


Me too :smiley: :smiley:


When I read that announcement my first thought was they had probably despatched men with rifles and dogs to despatch a certain " Bear " …

And anyone else with criticisms or independent thought.

They are redesigning the forums AND entering into " Healthcare " ?

All I can think of is the scene from One Flew Over A Cuckoos Nest where they give McMuprhy a lobotomy …


It looks like they are having a lot of teething problems with the new forum on .com.

Apparently it put all the real names of sellers on display in place of their current forum names!

Let’s hope they wait until the wrinkles are ironed out before they unleash it here.

The design seems to be of the dumbed-down sort that the majority of internet forums are now (sadly) adopting.


I see the date of the upgrade has already been put back from 2nd until 6th…perhaps the teething problem have hit before it’s launched?


Well it’s finally here! Very colourful and BUSY - At least I know how the links work now. How is everyone finding it? any thoughts? Was it worth changing? - Please feel free to Neg ! :grinning:


You are right about it being Busy :slight_smile:
Melchy will be happy because nobody can neg him any more . Just like it or leave it


Very different. Once everyone has got used to it - should be an improvement.


Looks like email notifications for previously watched discussions have stopped.


Yes, virtually everything from the old forum has been binned. Nice variations for watching a post though.


You know what I came in this morning and thought I really hope that Amazon have fixed that unbroken forum, forget about the RM TRACKING, PAYMENT ISSUES, MESSAGE SYSTEM, and every other god damn thing at Amazon that we actually NEED fixing.

At least now when I come to have a rant it looks pretty!


This is gonna take some getting use to!!!

Scanning thro some of the other threads are we now lumped in with the Yanks on the forum or are they still separate? Anyone know


Aargh this new forum thing is awful. Don’t think I will be looking at a lot anymore, haven’t got the time to renegotiate my brain around what total reconstruction they have done!


And why is my user name Purple Fairy Prince ?.. do amazon not know the difference between male and female? It’s Princess !


You can edit it, click on the round widget next to the 3 bars at the top right of the page.

Then hit preferences.


Thank you


Done it


The new design is the biggest load of sh1t I have seen in my life. Took over 5 minutes to load one thread. Clearly Amazon do not want sellers talking to each other any more. Waste of time - as is selling on Amazon now given the new policy of free returns on jewellery. FGS, buyers can now wear jewellery for an event and send it back used and stinking of perfume and cigarette smoke FOC. Bad enough they charge us 30% for the privilege. Enough Amazon, you’ve got too big for your boots. I’ll be gone my September :frowning: Sorry, rant over